Citizens Praise DeSantis As He Vows Protection for DOJ Attacks


Joe Biden cannot stand to have people voicing any opposition against his socialist agenda. He wants to build an environment that limits free speech and indoctrinate kids against the will of their parents. But Joe Biden is not the final authority. The people of the United States have the final voice in what takes place in America. And if they speak out against injustice, the elected officials do not have the right to incriminate their voice.

But Biden has empowered the Department of Justice to start criminalizing all parents who speak out against their local school boards. Biden sees the opposition as a threat to his sovereignty and an attempt to intimidate his lieutenants.

The president may think he holds all the cards, but people can fight back and win in America. And that is precisely what Ron DeSantis is promising to do for parents living in the state of Florida.

DeSantis wrote that “Attorney General Garland is weaponizing the DOJ by using the FBI to pursue concerned parents and silence them through intimidation. Florida will defend the free speech rights of its citizens and will not allow federal agents to squelch dissent.”

The Democratic Party has, for a long time, worked at limiting free speech. Every time they get into power, they find ways to keep people from speaking out about the liberals’ injustices.

Free Speech is what makes America great, and it is the only place in the world where people can voice their opinions without having to fear for their lives. But demonic Biden wants to change that about America. And this time around, he is trying to use intimidation by letting the DOJ enforce his illegal order.

The state of Florida already has a law that prohibits harassment of its residents. The state law enforcement can respond in force should Biden’s Gestapo show up and try to intimidate. DeSantis also stated that “However, disagreement is not harassment. Protest is not terrorism unless it involves rioting, looting, and assault, like some of the left-wing protests of summer 2020. Again, all of those actions are crimes in Florida and will be prosecuted, regardless of political context.”

Mark Garland is the Attorney General for the United States. He released a statement that threatens free speech. He told people that the FBI would investigate and respond to all “threats” against school boards. All a board member has to do is claim an opposing idea threatens them, and the FBI will be dispatched.

Garland obeys his master, Joe Biden, oppresses people, and wants to strip them of their right to free speech.

The key issues that parents are fuming over deal with pandemic lockdowns and Critical Race Theory. Both matters are Democratic ideas that are being pushed on kids for the sole purpose of brainwashing them into believing the lies they are being fed in schools.

Garland neglected to mention the types of threats that he was referring to. He left it open to any interpretation of the law. Any liberal will be able to label the opposition as a threat based on any affiliation or feelings that they may have at the time.

Ron DeSantis is the one protecting the rights of all parents to raise their kids as they see fit. He has fought for Floridians against mask mandates, federal pandemic pushes, vaccine passports, and now the right to free speech.

Biden and his entourage of liberals believe that they can raise a child better than the parents can. And when it comes to educating the child, the government insists that they have the right to teach whatever material it wants to push into the kid’s minds.

But parents are the primary providers, and they reserve the right to choose what is taught to their children. And Ron DeSantis is going to protect that right.

Joe Biden’s grandpa mentality does not spread to every child, and he does not have the right to sniff a child that is not his own. And for him to try and usurp parental authority is abuse in the highest degree.