Borders Finally Open Between North American Countries

Daniel Avram /
Daniel Avram /

The borders between America, Canada, and Mexico have long been closed because of the COVID-19 virus. And now that the virus has made its way out of everyday life, the world is ready to get back to normal. But what is being praised as a significant step in normality is a liberal ploy to hide the severe invasion happening at the border.

Joe Biden had already opened the southern border by allowing illegals to flow into America, fully infected with COVID-19, while at the same restricting law-abiding citizens from traveling between border countries.

But now, Biden has stated that fully vaccinated people can travel over the border. But the problem of illegals coming into the country remains. The decision is just a ploy to call attention away from the existing problems the president has created. And for all practical purposes, the border should have been open months ago.

Greg Gianforte is the governor of Montana. He stated that “Though long, long overdue, reopening the northern border is welcome news to Montanans whose families, businesses, and communities have suffered for many months from the Biden administration’s continued closure of the U.S.-Canada border. I’ll continue to urge the Biden administration to fully reopen the U.S.-Canada border to trade and travel to make our Montana communities whole.”

He pointed out that Biden kept the borders closed for far too long. And even though it appears they are open, they remain closed to millions of people. Only those with the vaccination will have the segregated privilege of crossing into the border nations. It is another way that Biden is trying to force everyone to get vaccinated.

Biden is late as usual with his media-praised decision to open the border. Canada opened its borders and loosened its regulations a long time ago. But Biden loves the spotlight, so he chose to wait until he could get all the glory for opening the border to people with the vaccine.

Opening the border will allow for people to travel and be with family again. It will also allow certain workers to cross into America for work and start earning fair wages again. But those who have not been shot in the arm will have to wait until Biden is done being prejudice against them.

Susan Collins is a Republican serving in Maine. She had noted that the economy in Maine was hard hit when the border closed. But now that it is open in a limited fashion, things can get back under control again. The loss of income for the tourism industry has hurt the state and cost a lot of hard-working Americans their jobs.

Collins stated that “When the U.S.-Canada border closed more than a year and a half ago, it created significant disruptions in border towns, where people routinely cross to shop, visit their medical providers, attend church, and participate in local events.  I repeatedly advocated for the U.S. to loosen its border restrictions, and when Canadian officials began allowing fully vaccinated Americans to enter their country in August, I urged the Administration to reciprocate with similar requirements and safeguards.  Today’s decision will help to reunite these tight-knit border communities.”

But as usual, her concerns fell on deaf ears with Biden. The president does not care about Americans unless it will help him politically. And if he is not going to benefit from a decision, he will not take any action. He loves the drama and the Hollywood feeling it brings.

Just about every Democrat is throwing their hat in the ring with Joe Biden over the move to open the border partially. But it is still nothing more than a distraction from the horrible crisis at the southern border.

Alejandro Mayorkas even tried to cover for the president when he allowed travelers from Mexico to come into America. He failed to mention that illegal travelers were already pouring into the country not fully vaccinated by the millions.

No one cares that the borders are open for the privileged few. The world wants things opened up so everyone can live as equals, not as a segregated world like Biden wants to create. For Biden to keep people from traveling is just another way that he gets to feel powerful as he continues to disrupt American lives.