Treason of Highest Degree Committed by This General

Those in Washington seem to have a passion for producing books that tell of their service in the military and politics. In some cases, the person has an issue with another person, and the book becomes their way of revealing everything they would love to say about them. But there are times when an author reveals too much and commits the worst crime against their own country, which is treason. And that is the case with General Mark Milley. General Milley has served in the armed forces for a long time. He has dedicated his life to protecting Americans and keeping his country safe. But when he faced off and served next to Donald Trump, something seemed to change inside the man. He went from being an American patriot to being a settled spy for Communist China. It was discovered by examining a book that the General secretly called China’s People’s Liberal Army General named Li Zuocheng. That may not seem like treason to most people, but it was not the act that was treasonous but what was being discussed. General Milley agreed with Li Zuocheng that he would alert China should President Trump make the covert decision to attack the communist regime. His treasonous act provided information about any attack set to take place against anything China had control over or had an interest in. He was going to pass along American battle plans should there ever be an organized attack. Milley was not just another General serving under Trump. He was the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was the one that President Trump needed to rely on most to keep his mouth shut and execute any plans accordingly. But in a series of secret calls, Milley passed along White House secrets to a known enemy of freedom. Li Zuocheng was all in with Milley since he was going to get reliable information. The American General was careful when he made his calls. One of the calls was made right before the 2020 election. Milley told the Chinese that the election was stable and there were no plans to attack them over any issue. It was like Milley knew that Trump would lose and red Biden was going to take over. The traitor stated, “General Li, I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be okay. We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you.” It was going to be okay because Milley knew the Democrats were cheating and Biden would be communist friendly. The book became a way for Milley to clear his conscience. He made a promise to a known enemy. And what is devious about the phone calls is that the two Generals have known each other for the past five years. That is a lot of time to pass along secrets to the enemy. The General believed that China would spank the United States if any attacks were to be made. This shows the sad view that the General has for his country. He even called the admiral in Asia and the Pacific Command, telling them to suspend any operations around or against the Chinese. The book also revealed that Milley brought in staff to review the methods needed to launch nuclear weapons. He was acting like he did not trust Donald Trump to do the right thing. He was taking power away from the president by telling his people to obey him instead of listening to the Commander in Chief. He had his staff promise to support him no matter what. The book reveals some nasty things that people have done to undermine the greatness of the United States. Milley is just one of many that need to be arrested for treasonous actions against the country. The old General needs to resign and step out of the way. We need to make way for people that love America and are not seeking to undermine its greatness. The Republicans are the only party seeking to keep America great and protect its people.