Spanish Tourism Minister Gives Biden a Run for His Money on Stupid Things Politicians Say


Finally, we’re not the country with the person saying the dumbest things…at least for the moment. It almost feels like we’re in a constant state of face-palming because of what comes out of President Biden’s mouth.

Luckily, we get to point and laugh at someone else for a change.

Right now, there’s a volcano erupting on the Spanish island of La Palma, one of the Canary Islands. It’s been over 50 years since they’ve seen a volcano erupt – and it’s causing thousands to evacuate.

Lives are being lost. People are having their entire worlds flipped upside down.

Yet, Spain is having to deal with its own face-palm moment because of what Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto is saying. He has called it a “wonderful show” and has been using the volcano as a way to entice tourists to visit. “There are no restrictions on going to the island.” He’s encouraging tourists to travel to the island and “enjoy something unusual.”

Front seat ticket to death and devastation as hot lava comes racing toward me? Thanks, that’s going to be a hard pass.

What Maroto was thinking with this “invitation” is questionable. Does he really think that using a natural disaster is what will increase tourism? That would be like Governor Newsom inviting people out to California so that they can watch thousands of acres of forests burn to the ground.

There are some things you just don’t do. You shouldn’t even think about them – and if you do, you keep those thoughts to yourself.

Teodoro Garcia Egea, the secretary-general of the opposition People’s Party in Spain jumped at the opportunity to question what Maroto was thinking. “Can someone confirm the minister said that while hundreds of people are losing everything they have?”

Yeah…Egea is definitely calling Maroto out on his stupidity. It’s as if he’s channeled Ted Cruz or Dan Crenshaw. After all, they’re some of the more outspoken politicians who will call Biden out on his stupider moments.

Spain needs to heal. They need to focus on getting people out of the path of the volcano – not inviting tourists to come to see the spectacular show.

Someone in Spain understands the need to heal, even if it isn’t the Tourism Minister.

Though, we all have those politicians who are better kept hidden away from the public. It’s really no different than Biden inviting everyone to come to visit the U.S. as long as they’ve been vaccinated. We’re dealing with crime, illegal immigration, wildfires, and countless other problems. But, sure. C’mon over and visit the U.S. so that you can see firsthand what Biden and his band of merry liberals have caused.

The people who want to visit the hot mess that the U.S. has become are the same ones who are actually contemplating hopping on a plane to head toward the Canary Islands. Sometimes, it’s entertaining to watch a disaster right in front of your face.

At least the hot lava acts as a deterrent for most people. As for the visitors to the U.S., we can only hope that they return to their home country after their visit. Though, we know if they stay, the Biden administration won’t do a darn thing.

Now that Maroto has claimed the award for the stupidest thing said by a politician this week, it’s a watch-and-see for how long it takes Biden to reclaim the title.