Senator Sinema Stands Up to Biden and Every Other Liberal


There’s been a disturbing trend throughout Capitol Hill. The liberals feel that they have the majority. We’re not talking about Democrats having a majority. Within the Democratic Party, there’s a divide between the liberals and the moderates. Recently, the liberals have gotten pushier and pushier with their progressive agendas.

Finally, there’s some push-back. Not all Democrats like to see the progressive agendas – and they’re not going to sit back to watch as the country gets destroyed.

We’ve already seen Senator Joe Manchin stand up to the liberals.

Now, there’s another Democratic senator who is willing to stand up. Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona has no desire to support the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill that Biden is trying to shove down everyone’s throats.

Sinema is concerned about the infrastructure bill more than the reconciliation bill. She wants to see the bipartisan infrastructure bill get passed. If it’s delayed past the vote that’s scheduled for September 27 (or it fails altogether), she won’t back the reconciliation bill.

Basically, she’s saying that if she doesn’t get her bill, the liberals aren’t going to get theirs.

That seems fair enough.

Sinema’s office has said, “She does look forward to House leadership making good on their commitment to an up-or-down vote on the historic and bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act next Monday.”

The bipartisan bill will at least create jobs and provide more economic opportunities across the U.S.

Sinema isn’t alone when it comes to wanting one passed before even considering the other bill. There are at least 10 other House Democrats who fall into the “moderate” category who are prepared to pass on the reconciliation bill if the liberals delay the vote.

Representative Kurt Schrader said, “If they delay the vote – or it goes down – then I think you can kiss reconciliation goodbye.

We’ve finally got some sense circulating through the Democratic Party. However, this is more about the divide that has been creating a significant amount of tension within the party. For a while now, the party has argued. There are socialists who are calling themselves Democrats…and then there are actual Democrats who want to distance themselves from the socialists.

Especially if the moderates end up saying goodbye to the reconciliation bill, it could finally cause the party to rip apart. Then, we may end up with an even bigger problem within the U.S. – a three-party system. You know, because a two-party system has always been so easy to deal with.

There’s another problem. The liberals with their progressive agendas have been saying the opposite of the moderates. They don’t want to vote for the infrastructure bill if it isn’t tied to the reconciliation bill.

We may be in an all-or-nothing situation – and that wouldn’t be the end of the world, either. We all know that the multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation bill is the biggest piece of trash that the liberals have ever come up with.

The infrastructure is an easier sell, particularly with the Republicans.

As for the reconciliation bill, Pelosi can’t afford to lose more than three votes – and it sounds like, with the help of Sinema coming forward, she has already lost them.

We could just rain on everyone’s parade and see both get tossed. Then, maybe we can focus on an infrastructure bill that focuses on something crazy – like just infrastructure.