Rand Paul Calls out Hypocrite Doctors Who Refuse to Research COVID Treatments Because They Hate Trump


Yes, we are going to make fun of him a bit for this. It’s impossible not to. However, this has to be reconciled with the fact that experts are avoiding scientific inquiries because they do not want to associate with anything that they consider Trump adjacent. Paul’s claims are not that crazy when you really stop to think about them but the more we ponder? The worse it gets. Cincinatti.com has more:

“Hatred of former President Donald Trump has kept researchers from looking into the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin and other drugs to treat COVID-19, Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul told constituents on Friday…

“The hatred for Trump deranged these people so much, that they’re unwilling to objectively study it,” Paul said to the 60 people squeezed into the Cold Spring City Council chambers in this Northern Kentucky suburb just south of Cincinnati. “So someone like me that’s in the middle on it, I can’t tell you because they will not study ivermectin. They will not study hydroxychloroquine without the taint of their hatred for Donald Trump.”

It’s also why they don’t research hydroxychloroquine, he said, an anti-malarial drug touted by Trump as a treatment.”

Where do we even start here? To the best of our knowledge, Trump has yet to offer up any commentary on ivermectin. If anything, he’s become a consistent proponent for the vaccines. For all of the talk about how much of a crazy person that he is, he is the one who is telling his supporters that they need to get vaccinated.

We are not sure if he will continue to support vaccines because his supporters booed him for even mentioning it recently. As for Rand Paul, we are unsure where he is getting the idea that scientists are refusing to study ivermectin. Scientists have already taken the time to study this and they have come to a unmistakable conclusion: it simply does not work when it comes to treating COVID-19. Per the New York Times:

“A recent review of 14 ivermectin studies, with more than 1,600 participants, concluded that none provided evidence of the drug’s ability to prevent Covid, improve patient conditions or reduce mortality. Another 31 studies are still underway to test the drug…

One of the largest trials studying ivermectin for Covid-19 treatment, called the Together Trial, was halted by the data safety monitoring board on Aug. 6 because the drug had been shown to be no better than a placebo at preventing hospitalization or prolonged stay in the emergency room. Dr. Edward Mills, a professor at McMaster University who led the study, which enrolled more than 1,300 patients, said the team would have discontinued it earlier were it not for the level of public interest in ivermectin.”

One study showed that ivermectin was having positive results but it was withdrawn after evidence of plagiarism and data manipulation. Paul’s conclusion is a faulty one. It’s not that scientists are refusing to study the effects, it’s that scientists are not telling his supporters what they want to hear. Essentially, these scientists have not studied until they produce a result that the people want.

Ivermectin is also receiving more attention that it probably warrants in the current news cycle. Scientists should be focused on providing safe classroom environments and the like. Instead, they are wasting their time with horse de-worming pills because lots of people are trying to use them as a COVID-19 shield. Desperate times call for desperate measures when you are unwilling to take the vaccine.

“as someone who has long had a rubbernecker type relationship with “detox cure” type stuff online, when the ivermectin people say they are “expelling rope worms” what they really mean is that they are s—-ing out their intestinal lining,” Keith Barbadoro tweeted. This is a sad state of affairs and Rand Paul needs to think long and hard before he continues down this path. In the meantime, the hypocrites need to be called out.