Oh the Disrespect! Biden Checks Time During Honor Service for Service Men He Sent to Their Deaths


Joe Biden’s disrespect for the troops knows no bounds. This man does not know how to show the proper respect to our nation’s armed forces and it shows. This is one of the more sickening displays that we have ever seen. Did poor old Sleepy Joe need his nap?

If so, he should have said something. He could have sent out Kamala or someone who actually had a vested interest in staying awake. Military generals were standing at attention. They wanted to give our fallen heroes a proper send off. Biden, on the other hand, seemed to have better places to be. That’s a sad thing to type but our eyes are not deceiving us in the slightest.

Boris Epshteyn tweeted out a photo of the offense and it is every bit as terrible as you would think. “@JoeBiden checking his watch during the dignified transfer of American Heroes killed by his incompetence. Despicable. Resign now,” he said. We know that Biden probably does not check his mentions all that often but they had to be on fire after this.

Biden is not even willing to offer our fallen troops a simple salute. This gesture is too much to ask for the president of the United States. Trump never would have struggled with this task and that’s something that absolutely needs to be said. The difference between these two presidents is a jarring one, for sure.

All he did was cover up his heart with his hand and he did not even want to take off his mask. This is how low he thinks of the soldiers. This is not how a president is supposed to conduct themselves. When you remove a strong leader from the equation and they are replaced with a total puppet, this is what you get.

Everyone involved in this fiasco ought to be ashamed. If we had to guess, Sleepy Joe does not feel any form of shame, though. This is not a man who allows public opinion to affect him in any meaningful way. For some leaders, this would be a major selling point. For Biden? It is not. He’s allowed his brain to calcify to the point where no new information can actually get in.

It hurts now more than ever because we are used to having a strong leader at the helm who people actually respected. No one respects Biden at all and that is because he does not realize that respect is a two way street. If he was willing to give out the respect that he should, he would actually get his proper respect in return.

This is the wrong approach to take at a time like this. Trump was a leader who people actually looked up to. Biden is a bumbling fool and someone who the average person looks down upon. When they see him struggling to salute the troops like this, how is that supposed to change their point of view on him?

If anything, it confirms what so many of us already knew. Biden could not care less about the future of this country, as long as he is able to get his way. He can barely hide his discontent to be forced into events like this. Sleepy Joe would rather be at Camp David, getting plenty of naps. He does not want to handle the duties of a sitting president and that’s why he needs to be removed.

Joe should realize that there is always going to be someone who is willing to do your job better than you can. If this is true of any average Joe (see what we did there?), this Joe should definitely realize it. In a perfect world, he would get this lesson through his empty head and learn how to act going forward. Instead, no one will take him to task. The mainstream media will simply let this slide like they have let the rest of his behavior slide.