Oh My God, the Stupidity! Stella Parton Claims Women in the US Are Treated Much Worse Than Women in Afghanistan


Once Texas’ new anti-abortion law went into effect on September 1, all of the pro-abortion folks started showcasing their insanity. If you let the liberals tell it, Roe v Wade has been taken away and the courts need to be taken to task for that. Abortion service providers have seen their requests refused by the Supreme Court.

The legal system must do its job, so the clinics are going to have to wait in the meantime. The dramatic tweets and posts that we saw on social media as soon as the media caught wind of this were ridiculous. The opinions that we saw about the Texas law were insane to say the least.

Stella Parton, the younger sister of Dolly, decided to step up to the plate and offer the most insane take of all. That’s really saying something if you have seen the way that people are talking right now. It’s all doom and gloom and no one wants to be rational at all.

If you take a closer look at Stella’s bio on Twitter, you will see that she refers to herself as a “Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Author, Speaker & Human Rights Advocate”. Once you see what she had to say, you will be wondering if she’s got a screw loose. This is not human rights advocacy, this is lunacy.

“Don’t you find it odd that women in America are being treated worse than women in Afghanistan? We wasted 2 trillion dollars plus to go into Afghanistan to liberate their women and children? Something ain’t right here folks. Are you catching on yet?” Stella asked. It’s a nutty thing to think, let alone tweet.

The worst part of all is that she was not willing to let things rest there. She would have gotten all of her re-tweets from the liberals and the likes would have been racked up. Stella decided that it was time to throw a little gasoline on the fire and we hope that it was worth it. These people are losing their minds. It’s ridiculous to watch them battle with their own psychosis in real-time.

“I also find it odd that not one of the people I just blocked had one thing to say in defense of women right here at home and our damn rights. Not one. They were all males btw,” she continued. You had to know that was coming. If there’s one thing that plays well among the shrill liberals that dominate Twitter, it is blaming men for every problem that comes their way.

“We are supposed to be a civilized nation and yet women are being enslaved by their states and our own government. So don’t correct me . America should know better and do better. It’s an outrage,” Stella went on. White liberals always love to play the slavery card in situations like these. They aren’t able to explain their takes in any sort of coherent way. That’s why they always have to go right to the top shelf with their comparisons.

To make matters even worse, she is also a major Biden fan. “Oh here we go again, telling women they have no rights to their bodies and reproductive health but we’ve just wasted 2 trillion dollars in Afghanistan “helping their women and girls”. How much BS are we expected to eat off our plates? President Joe Biden didn’t waste it. GOP!” Someone needs to tell her that Joe Biden was all for going into Afghanistan when the decision was first made.

She really thinks that Biden is here to save us all. She’s so naive, we almost want to pay her on the head and give her a lollipop. Stella even bragged about having a mind of her own and not needing Dolly to speak for her. Kudos, sister! You really showed them. The liberals love to speak into their custom-built echo chambers and this is just another example of that.