MJT Is Sooo Entertaining…Love or Hate Her She’s the Life of Her Party…Who Wants To Win a $10K 50 Cal? (Editor: article has video)


Marjorie Taylor Greene. The very mention of the name sends shockwaves up every progressive liberal’s spine. To them, she’s a senseless ogre with no grip on reality. To those who admire the woman’s outspoken tenacity, MJT is a bullhorn for everything wrong and unjust about the country they’re living in. People either love her or they hate her. There’s no middle ground.

The Georgia GOP Rep. has even been recognized by her own party as sometimes being a bit off the hook. In February, they stripped her of all her assignments to get her out of the limelight she was basking in, calling her behavior “deranged.” MJT got explosive on social media by liking posts that had to do with assassinating Biden and/or Nancy Pelosi and this was their final straw.

When running for office in 2020, MJT posted photoshopped pics of herself holding a rifle while standing next to AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar. Voters in her district hooped and hollered and gave her their votes after she assured them she was Washington D.C.s “worst nightmare,” so off to Congress she went.

Relieving MJT of her assignments has only done more to spurn the lady one, plus she has lots of time on her hands. In a recent YouTube video about Biden’s idiotic way of leaving Afghanistan, Greene is seen holding a giant, oversized gun as she says, “Biden should be impeached. Now I’m doing a gun giveaway of my own, but for Americans only. I want you to win this .50 caliber rifle that Democrats will ban if they keep the House next year.”

On this point, she may not be far from the truth. This type of weapon has yet to make the banned list, but only because the Dems haven’t gotten around to it yet. Republicans have been diligently working on relaxing gun laws and they’ve been successful in certain red states like Texas, but MJT prefers a more aggressive approach. She’s more of an “in your face” kinda gal.

The 50 cal. rifle she’s giving away is valued at $10,000, so they’ll no doubt be lots of participants doing whatever it is they have to do to become the proud owner. This part remains unclear but you can bet all of us here at this publication want to know.

MJT has also caught tons of flack concerning her views on the pandemic, immunizations, masks, and the regular rigamarole. She said what millions of Americans would like to say but would get raked over the coals for by their lib friends. “We’re human. We can’t live forever,” she said. Who feels like debating this statement?

Here’s where the fun part of the YouTube video comes in. Not only did MJT take careful aim at a “yuppie” Toyota Prius with the word SOCIALISM boldly painted on it, but she also pulled the trigger and blew the car to kingdom come. Nobody can make a point the way MJT does. This might be a good thing…

According to Greene, her ultimate plan is to, in essence, “blow up” the 2022 Democratic agenda, a term she’s almost frighteningly fond of using. More than likely she’s referring to screwing around with the midterms by making life miserable for the Dems. As far as holding on to her own seat, she could pick her nose at the podium and not lose her district. We can plan on her providing top-quality entertainment for some time to come.

Is Marjorie Taylor Greene a half-crazed lunatic with no concept of the world she’s living in? Only you can make that determination. For all intents and purposes, she obviously loves her native land and wants a lot of the same things the rest of us would like to see. Conservatives that is…

Even though her methods of expression might sorta maybe fall within the realm of the highly unorthodox, one must admit, MJT’s balls are bigger than any dude on the planet. Like her or hate her, she’s a “blast” to have around.