Larry Elder Graciously Accepted Defeat…But It’s Not Over


Gavin Newsom won. He’s not going to be recalled. It means that the liberals would prefer to have an incapable governor that gives them homelessness on the streets and unbreathable air due to out-of-control wildfires than vote in a member of the GOP.

California may be doomed. They vote based on political affiliation as opposed to focusing on the issues.

Larry Elder graciously accepted defeat once the votes showed that Californians were voting to keep their existing governor.

It’s interesting to note that Newsom and his Democratic allies didn’t win by talking about Newsom’s accomplishments. After all, the governor didn’t have many that were worth boasting over.

Instead, they won by using a scare tactic. With so many liberals terrified of “Trumpism,” they used this to their advantage. Voting in any Republican, especially one as outspoken as Larry Elder, could have been devastating to the state.

And the scare tactic worked. Elder was demonized by liberal media and the vote went in favor of Newsom. At one point, Elder was even referred to as the “black face of white supremacy.”

When Elder delivered his speech to say that he was accepting defeat, he thanked everyone who got him as far as he did. He mentioned that Newsom won the fight but that he wasn’t going to win the war.

There were plenty of people who actually crossed party lines to vote for Elder. There are moderates within California who want to see the major issues of the state addressed. Elder was willing to address those issues; Newsom was not.

Elder may not have won but he did succeed in his own small way. He was able to draw attention to some of the key issues within the state – public school choice, homelessness, wildfires, crime, poverty, and others.

Newsom has refused to offer any changes in the way in which he governs. He won the recall vote, so why would he? As he sees it, people voted to keep him so there’s no need to make any changes. This is dangerous, though. He won’t stay governor forever – and at some point, there’s the likely possibility that a moderate Dem or even a Republican will win.

This is what Larry Elder is hoping for. He might have to wait a bit for it to happen, but it will happen.

Everyone in California has heard about the issues. They voted for Newsom because they were scared about the idea of “Trumpism.” However, the issues have been heard. Once they’re out in the open, it’s hard to hide them again.

As Newsom continues to do nothing to address these issues, people will grow more and more discontent.

Newsom gets to stay in California…for now. The Democratic Party is solely responsible for the outcome of the state. When it fails, everyone will know that it failed as a result of the Democrats – and that’s when it will become obvious that Democratic leadership is a complete and utter failure.

It’s a shame that Elder couldn’t have won. It could have proven to liberals throughout California and the rest of the country that a black man can be a Republican – and that greatness can come out of that combination.

Elder didn’t win the fight. However, the GOP will win the war because California will fall due to its own internal failures.