Even Biden Knows His Time in the White House is Short-Lived


We’ve known for a while that President Joe Biden is not as mentally stable as his administration claims that he is. He’s slipped on more than one occasion, too. He’s told us that Kamala Harris is the president, identified the administration as Harris-Biden, and even said that she’ll soon be the president.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that Biden isn’t going to be in the White House for much longer. We simply have to wonder whether he’ll resign or whether he’ll be impeached. Either is possible at this point.

Biden is mentally slow. He’s also not a great public speaker. But, he’s not a complete idiot. He knows that he royally mucked up everything in Afghanistan – and as a result of his failures, he knows that Americans aren’t happy with him.

The president has identified that the chances of Kamala Harris replacing him by the end of the year are above 50 percent. Of course, he quickly backtracked, but the admission was already out. By admitting this, we have to wonder what he knows that we don’t. Was that the plan all along? Is he going to step down? Or is he simply going to allow the Republicans to take a stand and impeach him?

Biden has a significant amount of pride, so it’s unlikely that he’ll allow himself to be impeached. Instead, he would save a significant amount of face by stepping down. It allows him to maintain control of the situation.

Mitch Feierstein, a New Yorker who is based in the UK and who has served as a candidate for the UK’s Brexit Party has said that the 78-year-old president has only a three percent chance of completing his four-year term.

Feierstein explains that the top reason for being unable to complete his term is because of the way in which the Afghanistan withdrawal ended. Islamic militants in Afghanistan will be a continued problem, and the U.S. likely hasn’t seen the end of it.

What Feierstein isn’t really shocking. Most Americans wondered whether Biden, given his age and mental acuity, would be able to make it through four years as president. It would leave Kamala Harris to fill the seat – a position that she wasn’t elected into.

The problem with Kamala Harris stepping in as president is that she couldn’t win the primaries. America already proved that they didn’t want to consider her as president. It’s why she had to drop out of the running. By sheer luck, she was chosen as Biden’s VP. And, because no one else stayed in the race, Biden was the last man standing among the Democrats.

Feierstein is quick to point out that “this isn’t about Biden bashing – this is just an abject reality that people need to understand about what’s going on and what has been going on.”

The Biden administration has mishandled a number of crises since taking office. They mishandled the issues at the border and they have severely mishandled Afghanistan.

Combine these crises with Biden’s age and it would come as no surprise if Biden stepped down, leaving Kamala Harris to preside over the U.S.

“There’s only a few ways that he can go – he’s got to resign, or he’s got to be impeached, or they’ve got to use section four of the 25th Amendment.”

Feierstein has laid out the options for Biden to leave. Now, we just have to wonder when it will happen. The window of “if” it will happen seems to be slamming shut as the issues in Afghanistan continue to deteriorate.