California’s New Plan: We’ll Pay You Not to Shoot People


Why is it that whenever there’s an idiotic idea that comes into play, it’s from the liberal playground of California? Their newest idea has launched out of San Francisco. They’re starting a pilot program to pay residents in poor communities $300 not to shoot each other.


Liberals always blame the Republicans for being racist and for pigeon-holing.

First, San Francisco is assuming that all of the shooting is being done by low-income individuals.

Second, they believe that throwing money at the problem will take care of it.

At no point did any common sense enter the equation. If someone really wants to shoot someone, is $300 in their pocket going to stop them? Probably not.

What happens if someone not in one of the poorer communities shoots someone? Are they going to say that they wouldn’t have done it if they had been given $300?

Whose asinine idea was this?

Oh, right, Mayor London Breed. Now, as a Black woman, you would expect that she’d think more of the Black and brown people of San Francisco. Yet, she feels that they turn to crime because they are so poor. The monthly incentive to stop also ensures that they don’t have to turn to crime.

Throwing money at homelessness didn’t work. So, what hope do we have of this program working? Not much.

This has to be one of the most racist programs to ever spawn out of California. Oh, the poor black people are so poor that they’re shooting at each other. We’ll just give them $300 so that they stop shooting.

Besides being idiotic, there’s another reason why this program won’t work. It’s actually replacing policing the area. When Breed cut the law enforcement budgets, she decided to reinvest it into the long-underserved Black communities.

Her idea of “reinvest” is just a bit different as there isn’t really any investing going on. It’s more like a bribe. We give you $300 and you don’t shoot people.

According to Breed, “I want to change the outcome of African Americans in the city who are disproportionately impacted in the criminal justice system, disproportionately impacted by homelessness and a number of other disparities, even in our public school system.”

She’s forgetting that San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin doesn’t actually prosecute anyone. So, really, how is it that African Americans are still being disproportionately impacted in the criminal justice system?

The shooting sprees happen because there is insufficient policing happening. The shooting is happening because there are criminals on the streets.

But, let’s pretend that’s not the problem. We’ll blame it on the poor black communities who are already getting Medicaid, Welfare, and WIC to help themselves get out of financial despair.

Is $300 in today’s economy enough to get people to think twice about squeezing the trigger? Not really, especially in San Francisco where prices are higher than the U.S. average. The Dream Keeper Fellowship will be launching in October.

It will start by paying 10 individuals $300 a month not to be involved in any shootings. 10. Not 100, not 1,000. 10. It will be interesting to see how they choose these 10 people. Meanwhile, all of the others inside of the poor black communities will be wondering how many people they have to start shooting in order to get on the list for the following month.

This goes with basic liberal logic. It’s ill-conceived, expensive, and destined to fail. But, crime rates will have to go up before San Fran’s mayor decides to take another tactic – or until she’s booted out of office.