Buyers’ Remorse? 20% of Democrats Regret Voting for Senile Biden


We would have told them this before they even had a chance to cast their votes but we digress. The Democrats were not exactly happy to vote for Biden. All they wanted to do is tell everyone that he wasn’t Trump. That was his sole selling point to the far left. It was a vote against Trump, as opposed to a vote for Biden.

It only took but so long before Biden’s bungling reached critical mass. He’s been screwing up everything he touches and we saw this coming, even if the liberals did not. This is a classic case of voter’s remorse. Real Clear Politics averaging shows that Biden is now underwater by 4.1 points. His approval rating is at 45.2%, while his disapproval rating is at 49.3%.

This is not the best trend to be seeing, especially not at this early stage of the presidency. In fact, things only seem to be trending in a worse direction. According to a ABC News/Washington Post poll that was taken from 8/29 to 9/1, he’s actually underwater by 7 points. Lest anyone believe that these polls are right-leaning, left-leaning Zogby Analytics released a poll of their own.

Their polling shows that at least 20 percent of Democrats regret casting their votes for Biden. To some, this number may not seem significant. However, presidential elections have been decided by a few thousand votes. Swing states can often be decided by a single county. If one out of every five Democrats is jumping ship, this is a major development that needs to be noted.

Biden’s chances for re-election are getting more and more slim. Do we really think that Biden is going to last that long? Probably not but it definitely bears noting. Let’s be very frank here, it does not matter that Harris is sitting there and ready to take over for Sleepy Joe. She’s not that popular either.

Pardon the expression in these trying times but Biden’s mask has finally been removed. Americans see him for what he really is, as opposed to what they wish he would be. Instead of restoring calm to the world of Washington, he has only made things worse and worse. He can’t keep the southern border safe, he can’t put a meaningful end to the pandemic, there’s simply nothing that he can accomplish.

He’s never been good with foreign policy and things are going about as badly as anyone could have expected. Biden does not want to listen to any of his intelligence officers or the military either. He makes the worst possible decisions for the future of this country, causing Americans to die in the process.

Who remembers when the national security professionals of the world decided to endorse Biden over Trump because Sleepy Joe would return America to normalcy? This was the rationale for a lot of people but this group was especially adamant about Trump’s inability to lead the country. Real Clear Politics reached out to learn more about where they stand now.

We’ll leave you with this quote from John Negroponte, which says it all:

“Negroponte, however, didn’t hesitate when asked whether, in retrospect, he has second thoughts about the Biden endorsement. Within 30 minutes of RCP’s inquiry, he emailed to say that he “definitely” stands by his decision, which he called a “choice between two candidates.” The veteran diplomat and top intelligence official added that he never supported either Donald Trump’s or Biden’s withdrawal policy in Afghanistan. “I happen to disagree with both him and Mr. Trump on the issue of how we end our military involvement in Afghanistan,” he said.

Pressed on his views of how history will view Biden’s chaotic and deadly pullout form the country, Negroponte demurred for now. “Let’s let the dust settle and leave some time/space for those kind of judgments,” he replied.”

History is not going to judge this presidency kindly…..that much we know!