America’s Poverty Rate Is Rapidly Rising as Biden Scratches His Empty Head…

How low can it go? Who knows with Joe Biden blindly speeding down his course of disaster. But this much we do know. America’s poverty rate is rapidly growing as more and more families slip further down the slide of indebtedness with no way to climb back up. Homes are being lost, vehicles are being repossessed, and kitchen cabinets are collecting dust as more and more citizens are being displaced with nowhere to go. They’re left with little choice but to walk away from the life they worked so hard to build. It’s gone. America’s economy hit the dumper last year when Dr. Fauci decided it was high time to lock the country down. Within one day, 20 million employed Americans found themselves flipping their TV’s remote control, collecting unemployment, and getting fat. The economy is in a little better shape now that things have opened back up, but we’re still 5 million jobs below where we were before the pandemic so rudely interrupted our lives. Some of the newly unemployed grew lazy and even though their jobs told them to come on back in, they decided work was no longer their thing. Life was good. Yet others had no job to return to. Their employer wasn’t able to ride out the storm and went under. Then, there are the thousands upon thousands of small businesses and mom/pop shops whose owners lost it all to Even though Donald Trump tossed out $3.5 trillion in COVID-19 funds to help Americans survive and Biden tossed in another $1.9 trillion, according to the latest U.S. census report, the money didn’t help enough. Some Americans were making far and above what they received from unemployment. The extra $300 was like tossing them a quarter. Everything’s relevant, including the bills they’d mounted up based on what they, at one time, could afford to pay each month. All in all, the rescue plan did save a number of citizens from total economic collapse. They may not have lived according to their standards, but they made it. With the money now being gone, as well as the jobs they once worked at or the businesses they once owned, many have fallen into something they never in their wildest imaginations thought they would ever experience: Poverty. Those who weren’t making a great deal of money pre-pandemic and were barely squeaking by have found themselves homeless without a rent moratorium to protect them as well as the extra income being taken away. Landlords around the nation are having a heyday. Joe Biden says he has plans to fix all of this and get America cranked back up to full speed, but reality eludes him. While those left in despair are in need of immediate attention, the man who calls himself president is tossing child tax credits and the like out there which are not going to help in the here and now. And of all audacity, he’s gloating about it while the unfortunate victims are searching for bread crumbs. In 2020 America’s poverty rate stood at 11.4% where it held steady even throughout a tough year. Since Joe Biden took office it’s increased to 13.7% and fully expected to skyrocket well beyond that percentage in the coming weeks. On top of canceling relief programs, the Biden administration has been extremely slow when it comes to helping businesses recover. So we’ll ask the question again. How low can it go? How about you tell us…


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