Abandoning Our Friends? Biden Removes Missile Defense System in Saudi Arabia to Allow Iran Gain More Regional Power


The Obama/Biden administration is here to make an even bigger mess. The wheels are falling off in record time and we cannot believe that the mainstream media is turning a blind eye. President Trump had a policy in place that allowed for more peaceful relations in the Middle East.

The entire region is now in major peril because of this stupidity. Who actually believes that the Biden administration has their best interests at heart? No one with a functioning brain is going along with that. The messes that they create speak volumes as to how much that they actually care.

President Trump went to the Middle East and worked very hard to restore peace. This all gets left out of his story because the liberals are more determined to paint him as some sort of villain. Why would they ever tell the truth? That’s not like them at all.

His first overseas visit was dedicated to the process of restoring normalcy. He did not go on on an apology tour like Barack Obama did. He got right down to business because he actually cares about what happens to the rest of the world. For Biden, this is all a game and a joke. If he cares at all, we would be very surprised at this point.

When President Trump inherited all of the ISIS terrorism that has gripped the Middle East for some time now, he did something about it. We are not talking about the Biden method for handling such concerns either. Biden wants to bring death and destruction, while selling himself as the cute and cuddly president who loves puppy dogs and ice cream.

That’s the most ironic aspect of all this. Trump is seen as some sort of monstrous villain, while Biden gets to play the role of good cop. That was Obama’s favorite trick, as well. After all, it is hard to get people to turn against you when they are not all that invested in what you are doing anyway.

Believe us, we saw an awful lot of that once Biden was elected, especially on social media. The liberals acted like they spent four years on the clock and they were finally happy to punch out. They got to go home and turn their brains off when it came to politics, or so they thought.

Meanwhile, Trump was in the trenches and doing all of the hard work. He was convincing Arab leaders to see his vision for a brighter future. Biden waltzed in and undid all of that, just to show the world that he could. Instead of getting them to remove the terrorists, he handed one of their countries over to them directly.

We wish that we were exaggerating here but we challenge anyone who has actually paid attention to what is going on to tell us any different. The Associated Press has more about Biden’s deadly plan:

“The U.S. has removed its most advanced missile defense system and Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia in recent weeks, even as the kingdom faced continued air attacks from Yemen’s Houthi rebels, satellite photos analyzed by The Associated Press show.

The redeployment of the defenses from Prince Sultan Air Base outside of Riyadh came as America’s Gulf Arab allies nervously watched the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, including their last-minute evacuations from Kabul’s besieged international airport.

While tens of thousands of American forces remain across the Arabian Peninsula as a counterweight to Iran, Gulf Arab nations worry about the U.S.’s future plans as its military perceives a growing threat in Asia that requires those missile defenses. Tensions remain high as negotiations appear stalled in Vienna over Iran’s collapsed nuclear deal with world powers, raising the danger of future confrontations in the region.”

There you have it, folks. Even the Associated Press is here to tell everyone what is really happening and they are not going to go along with the Biden agenda!