“You Destroyed Not Afghanistan but the World” – Watch Afghan Woman’s Desperate Plea


The party of empathy is being taken to task once again, as Joe Biden’s foolishness continues to bite him square in the backside. This woman is speaking out about the tragedy that Sleepy Joe is responsible for and these words need to be heard by all those who support this. There are so many parts of this speech that resonated with us but we are going to zone in on the part that spoke to us the most.

She called out Biden for watching the world burn and still having the audacity to go on vacation. As soon as she said “listen to me carefully”, we knew that we were in for an awesome diatribe. We sincerely hope that Biden does get the chance to see this video. It contains a message that he badly needs to hear.

Instead of pretending that everything is okay, he needs to reckon with the fact that he has left Afghanistan to deal with all sorts of issues that he probably never even considered before. For starters, like this woman says, the Taliban has close relationship with ISIS and Al-Qaeda. These organizations are going to start using the land in this region all over again.

Where will Biden be when the destruction is raining down and these desperate pleas have fallen on deaf ears? Oh, not to worry. He’ll be enjoying a pleasant snooze at Camp David and playing video games with his grandchildren. He will never, ever have to deal with the consequences that he has rendered here.

That’s why it was so easy for him to make the choice and that’s why he has been called out for it. The part that should truly be ringing in his ears is the part about how the terrorist networks are going to have free and easy access to the country’s resources. It’s all good as far as Biden is concerned.

The Taliban respects women now! They post pictures of themselves eating ice cream! They have learned how to use the world of social media to their advantage and that’s what Biden has banked on. He also seems to believe that the ongoing pandemic will eventually push this story out of the news cycle entirely. There is no other explanation for this stupid plan.

He has to see all of the uproar that he has created, even if he will never let on. The woman’s final point may be the most important of all. She knows that they are going to use all of these resources as a means of controlling the world until they finally feel as though it is time to destroy it.

These protesters are not just disgruntled Afghan citizens who do not understand the implications of what Joe Biden has done and they are not going to be that easy for him to ignore. They are right out in front of the White House, which is the coolest part of all. They got tired of seeing his terrible decisions and decided to make a choice of their own.

Biden can only neglect their cries for so long before the fight is brought even closer to his doorstep. Maybe it is time to give the reins to Harris, so that she can bring it on home. Biden has lost the plot and it’s not like she could be any worse, right? At this point, we are willing to go along with just about anything here, as long as this national nightmare can finally come to an end.

At least there is someone who is still able to tell it like it is. We are surprised that the White House even allowed for this protest to take place. They must have figured that they could sweep it under the rug and let it become someone else’s problem. The mainstream media is always more than happy to let them do that, as we already know!