Wow! Is This Still America! CNN Praises Biden for Intentionally Violating the Constitution


When President Biden said that he would take a closer look at the eviction moratorium (with some help from the CDC), no one really knew what to expect. Was he going to kowtow to the progressives or would he defer to the legal experts that have been telling him not to proceed? As it turns out, he has chosen the former and this makes little to no sense.

Biden’s statement raised eyebrows in the moment because he was admitting to something that we already knew. He said that any extension that was offered up would probably be struck down by the higher courts. The Supreme Court narrowly allowed the last one, as Justice Kavanaugh wrote that any further extensions would have to require “specific congressional authorization.”

In Biden’s mind, the best thing that he could do here is issue another extension and buy people some time before the courts strike it down again. “At a minimum by the time it gets litigated it will probably give some additional time while we’re getting that $45 billion out to people who are in fact behind on the rent and don’t have the money,” said Biden at the time.

The Week published their own opinion piece on the matter. In their minds, the Democrats behaving in such a lawless manner is sure to come back to haunt them. This excerpt definitely speaks to our concerns at the moment:

“Willfully breaking the law and relying on judicial delay to get away with it is an awful approach to governance. It is lawlessness…

I reached out to constitutional law expert Ilya Shapiro, legal scholar Walter Olson, and law professor Ilya Somin to see if that impression was correct. All three struggled to suggest a comparably brazen example from U.S. history…

As a candidate, Biden promised to take “aggressive action” to “maintain the rule of law, and to bring integrity back to our justice system.” Instead he’s hit upon a novel way to degrade the rule of law and make our justice system a joke. Future presidents will copy this exploitation if Biden pulls it off. A president can deport a lot of people, or build a lot of border wall, or drop a lot of bombs, or take down a lot of websites, or send a lot of weapons to a lot of dictators, or expedite a lot of federal executions “by the time it gets litigated.”

To us, this seems like a pretty responsible take on the whole situation. The Democrats do not do responsibility, though. This is the same party that was very worried about “norms” when it was time to whine about Trump. Instead of legitimate analysis, the media has decided that they are going to parrot Democrat talking points. It’s easier than actually thinking for yourself.

We’ll leave you with this incredible CNN opinion piece, where the rule of law is described as some sort of booby trap that was set by President Trump:

“Ultimately, the entire housing moratorium panic of course stemmed from legal reasoning by Kavanaugh, a justice installed as part of ex-President Donald Trump’s fashioning of a conservative majority on the nation’s top bench.

The sight of Democratic presidents struggling to deal with snares laid by a court specifically constructed to counter the aspirations of an activist liberal government could be repeated again and again in coming years.” We are stunned by this insane reasoning and you should be, too.

If you would like to see all of the reactions for yourself, Fox News has published an amazing roundup. “If crashing my truck into another liquor store will save one human life from the deadly scourge of COVID, then by god no law is going to stop me,” David Burge tweeted. This is how ridiculous the Democrats sound but they do not realize it. The media bias is real and CNN’s lack of shame only gets funnier by the day.