What the World Really Thinks About Joe Biden! Tony Blair Calls Biden “Imbecile” Over Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal


To be totally fair here, Joe Biden did promise to unite the nation. He has achieved that goal, although not quite in the manner that he probably expected. Liberals and conservatives are both on the same team for once, as each side agrees that Biden’s withdrawal strategy in Afghanistan was an epic fail. NATO allies and other nations agree with this assessment.

The only people who are speaking on behalf of Joe Biden right now are the ones who are trying their best to keep their jobs. Those who do not have to show their loyalty to him to remain in the inner circle are going to feel a bit differently. It shows when you see the commentary from our foreign allies.

One of our favorite moments took place when a Parliament member stood up and called out Biden for using the Afghan military as his reasoning for leaving so quickly. Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, who also happened to serve in Afghanistan, was having none of it. He ripped into Biden immediately and the Parliament also held Sleepy Joe in contempt.

Thousands and thousands of Afghan soldiers have died over the past 20 years but that means nothing to Biden, who is now accusing them of not being willing to fight for their country. Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, had been serving in this capacity when the war first began. It is safe to say that he knows a thing or two about how this withdrawal should have been conducted.

While Biden tells Americans that foreign leaders, NATO allies, and other world figures are just fine with his actions, a closer examination reveals that he is a liar. The American mainstream media has tried their absolute best to spin that lie into a positive but it has not worked yet. Now, Tony Blair’s harsh words are causing some members of the press to cling even harder to their precious president.

Can you believe that Blair once referred to Biden as “the right man in the right place at the right time”? That statement did not age well, as we all know. Blair finally woke up and smelled the coffee. He is now on the right side of history, the “Joe Biden is a moron” side of history. This statement is taken directly from the Tony Blair Institute For Global Change:

“We didn’t need to do it. We chose to do it. We did it in obedience to an imbecilic political slogan about ending “the forever wars”, as if our engagement in 2021 was remotely comparable to our commitment 20 or even ten years ago, and in circumstances in which troop numbers had declined to a minimum and no allied soldier had lost their life in combat for 18 months.

We did it in the knowledge that though worse than imperfect, and though immensely fragile, there were real gains over the past 20 years. And for anyone who disputes that, read the heartbreaking laments from every section of Afghan society as to what they fear will now be lost. Gains in living standards, education particularly of girls, gains in freedom. Not nearly what we hoped or wanted. But not nothing. Something worth defending. Worth protecting.

We did it when the sacrifices of our troops had made those fragile gains our duty to preserve.

We did it when the February 2020 agreement, itself replete with concessions to the Taliban, by which the US agreed to withdraw if the Taliban negotiated a broad-based government and protected civilians, had been violated daily and derisively.

We did it with every jihadist group around the world cheering.”

In addition to this statement, Biden should also be worried about the statement from Boris Johnson. He currently holds the rotating leadership position in the G7 and he has called for a virtual meeting on the matter. This meeting takes place on Tuesday and we eagerly await the outcome.