Watch! Pentagon Confirms They Have No Answer to Keep US Weapons and Aircraft out of Taliban Hands


The Pentagon made a startling admission on Monday. They are telling the world that they have no ability to do anything about the Taliban. Did we already suspect this? Of course we did. That does not mean that they have to say it out loud. How can anyone feel good about any of this?

They are telling us that they cannot make any concrete plans to keep United States weapons and munitions out of the Taliban’s hands. US Army Major General Hank Taylor, a logistics specialist on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked about this. The answer is startling, to say the least.

The reporter wanted to know if the United States had any plans to destroy weapons, vehicles and munitions that we are unable to bring back home with us. You would think that they would have a vested interest in keeping war materials away from the Taliban. If they are not going to use them, it is a good chance that they are going to be sold.

“So there’s no US actions being taken to prevent equipment from falling into the hands of the Taliban by destroying it or anything else?” the reporter asked. “I don’t have the answer to that question,” General Hank Taylor responded. The Biden administration, everyone! This is how they roll.

Why even bother asking them questions when they are woefully unequipped to answer them? It’s a sad state of affairs when our highest-ranking military officers have no ability to answer for what they are doing. As Taylor stands there with nothing good to say, things are only getting worse and worse.

The Taliban is in the process of amassing an impressive arsenal that is only going to make American rescue efforts even more challenging. Biden did not think this through at all and now, we are going to pay the price. Our troops are being left in an impossible position, as we look to fully evacuate. They are even taking helicopter rides over the country, in plain view.

Joe Biden told us that this was not possible. He claimed that they did not have access to any sort of aerial transportation. From the looks of it, they are creating their own air force in real time. Biden never knew what he was talking about and the withdrawal was based on a whole lot of bad information.

As much as we would like to point the finger at the military for not being prepared, the blame for this falls squarely at the feet of Joe Biden. If he had made any attempt at a proper withdrawal from Afghanistan, this could have all gone so differently. Instead, Biden did what he always does. He worried about pandering to the progressives and did not think it through otherwise.

That’s all he knows how to do. He lunges from half baked scheme to half baked scheme with no real sense of urgency. He figures that he will have all of the latitude that he wants to behave like this and so far, he has been right. Now that the mainstream media finally seems prepared to take him to task, he may need to reconsider this plan of attack.

It’s time to call up good old Obama and see if they can’t come back to the drawing board. We wonder if Barack even signed off on this one. As we recall, he was warned about remaining in Afghanistan for too long as well. He didn’t bother to come up with an idea to fix it, he just kept right on trucking.

Biden tried his best but as per his usual, he failed. Now, the Pentagon is left to look foolish, as they attempt to pick up the pieces from this awful mistake. It is sad to see our nation’s military looking so helpless. This is the position that Sleepy Joe Biden has managed to put them in, though.