TX Dems are Inviting Biden to the Southern Border


Enough is enough. Kamala Harris was tasked to solve the crisis at the southern border months ago. Even after being shamed into visiting, she hasn’t done anything to fix the problems.

Now, as the problems get worse, Biden is being invited so that he can see what his legislation has created.

The problems occurring in Texas are no longer being seen as political. They’re being seen as problematic across the board – and even the TX Dems are demanding that Biden take action.

Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez, a TX Democrat, has decided to pen a letter to President Biden. Cortez is inviting Biden down to the region so that he can “witness first-hand the challenges being created by current policy.”

It’s time that President Biden sees the problem for himself. He’s heard about it. He’s sent Harris down. However, all of the current policies being created are making the problem worse.

Cortez feels as though he’s losing control of the situation. He wants an “immediate and decisive action” that allows him to deal more effectively with the ongoing surge in immigration. He wants federal manpower as well as resources.

Right now, the Biden administration is promoting the immigration. The “catch and release” program is giving everyone who has ever considered migrating to the U.S. a green light to do so. The problem is that Texas is ill-equipped to handle the significant surge.

As Judge Cortez has explained, he’s sympathetic to those who are seeking asylum. However, he also believes that the Biden administration needs to address the needs of these immigrants safely without compromising the health and safety of the community.

This is where Biden is currently failing. There has only been a focus on the immigrants. Meanwhile, the community gets sick because of the surge of COVID cases. And, the community is at risk because many of the immigrants are dangerous criminals.

Judge Cortez has every right to write to President Biden and make some demands. After all, in Texas, the county judge is also the chief executive officer for the county’s government.

The letter has been penned to Biden only a week after La Joya Police Department had to issue a health alert once COVID-19 positive migrants were found eating at a Whataburger. These migrants were identified as having COVID-19. They were released by Border Patrol but they were not forced into quarantine of any kind.

Many of the migrants were staying at a hotel paid for by the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley (CCRGV).

The City of Weslaco has requested a meeting with CCRGV after learning that the charity had sick migrants in a hotel there, too.

It’s time that the Biden administration answer for all that they’re doing. The Department of Homeland Security is actually releasing sick migrants into the community. They’re creating a health crisis. Meanwhile, there are federal policies that prevent the border countries from implementing safety measures.

Cortez puts it simply: “This is unacceptable.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered state troopers to stop civilian vehicles that are being used to move migrants. This, however, is in direct opposition with what the Biden administration has ordered.

So, President Biden has been asked to come down to Hidalgo County and the rest of the border counties to see it all for himself. It’s time that the administration sees what their policies are doing and how it’s hurting American citizens.

If Biden refuses, it will be as if he’s decided to turn his back on the entire state of Texas.