This Is Sick! Delusional Biden Praises Cuomo Over Murder of 15k Nursing Home Residents and Sexual Abuse Allegations


Biden’s dementia has reached a tipping point. If he is saying things like this publicly, we seriously have to wonder how bad it has gotten. The president of the United States of America is praising a governor who was forced to resign from their post in disgrace on the actual day of their resignation. Let that sink in for a moment.

It’s not like Governor Cuomo resigned because his health is failing or anything along those lines. He resigned because he is a serial sexual harasser and he was probably told that he did not have a choice. We are willing to bet that he was told that an impeachment was imminent. Under those circumstances, it is easy to see why he immediately chose to resign.

Multiple district attorneys are already looking into the sexual assault charges and this might end up being the least of his concerns. The rash of nursing home deaths that he is responsible for are also being investigated. The criminal charges that he could be facing are just the tip of the iceberg.

The governor was very slow to lock down when the coronavirus first arrived in New York as well. You know that you are being a slowpoke on these matters when Bill de Blasio is outpacing you. New Yorkers were desperate for access to tests and he was limiting them to his friends and loved ones. You might think that we have listed all of the most egregious aspects of his governance.

However, this last part takes the cake. He wrote a book about how awesome his leadership was and how he guided the state of New York through the COVID-19 pandemic while it was still raging. He’s a craven moron who does not care about anyone besides himself. While we did not read the book at the time, we might have to now.

It would be even funnier than it was already. The postscript is sure to get a lot of attention now, too. “He’s done a hell of a job…that’s why it’s so sad,” Biden’s exact quote reads. It would all be so funny if it were not so sad. At least these reporters actually pressed Biden on what he said. He claimed that he was just referring to infrastructure but then went on to say that Cuomo had done a good job on a wide range of things.

Biden seemed ready to chalk up his other issues to “personal behavior” but let’s be honest, pal. His policies were terrible and there just wasn’t much for this man to hang his hat on. “Can you really say that [Gov. Cuomo] has done ‘a hell of a job’ if he’s accused of sexually harassing women on the job?” a CNN reporter asked. You know things are bad when even CNN reporters have had enough.

They’re usually the first ones to carry the water for Biden. It should go without saying that Biden and Cuomo are pals, so we are not shocked that Biden is treating him with kid gloves. We’ll leave you with this hilarious excerpt from a Times piece about the startling amount of “Cuomosexual” merchandise that is still available:

“Honestly, I’m not big into politics,” Mr. Melzer said, noting that he wasn’t aware of the sexual harassment allegations against Mr. Cuomo or the findings of the attorney general’s report until The Times contacted him. He was shocked, he said, having sent out an order for three stickers the day after the release of the report.

He has since removed the sticker designs from his shop, he said. “I have family members that were sexually assaulted, friends that were. So I take that very seriously,” he said. “I have no interest in promoting or being associated with that type of behavior.”

Other designers expressed regret. “When I created and decided to sell these items, it was meant to be lighthearted and I never thought he would be accused of such outrageous behavior,” Jennifer Powell, 43, an Etsy seller from Flower Mound, Texas, wrote in an email. She noted that she took down her “Cuomosexual” T-shirt designs last week; for emphasis, she attached a photo of a friend holding a flame to one of them.

Good riddance, Cuomo. No wonder the state assembly started to cheer when news of the resignation came down!