The 1st Amendment Is Gone! Biden Suppresses ALL Media Reports About Son’s Latest Laptop Scandal


Regular readers probably remember our report from earlier this week about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. For those who are unaware, he was caught on top whining and crying to a Las Vegas escort about the issues that he had caused himself with his rampant drug usage. The Russians swiped it for blackmail purposes and Hunter was left flatfooted.

You would think that Sleepy Joe would have a more capable bag man at the helm of his crime syndicate but this is the best that he could do, apparently. Hunter Biden filmed the entire conversation, kept it on his laptop and it was not long before he was relieved of this prize possession. This is the sort of national scandal that should be receiving a lot more attention.

So why isn’t every news station talking about this? It’s an easy answer. Sleepy Joe is suppressing these stories in the media and doing his best to keep them under wraps. If this happened under Trump, we never would have heard the end of it. Remember the amount of time that people used to spend carping about his kids and the role that they were supposedly playing in our democracy?

Now, Chris Wray and the rest of the FBI are sitting on their hands as things get worse and worse. Our country has never seen something so ridiculous and it is on Joe Biden to do something about it. If he’s going to allow his own son to behave like this, what good is the rule of law? We are still waiting for the first mainstream media outlet to even attempt to cover this.

They are not going to because that would mean that they would be admitting that Biden is a clown. This is the same guy who they threw in our faces and told us we had to vote for because it would be better than Trump. Now, we are stuck seeing things like this and watching helplessly as the media does not care one iota.

“Only under Biden could breaking news of the president’s son naked with a hooker complaining that Russians stole his laptop to blackmail him be not a story at all in the main stream media. Congratulations media, you completely suck,” said Kurt Schlichter about the situation on Twitter. He’s 100 percent right and anyone who disagrees is fooling themselves to the highest degree.

Biden and his family are getting away with murder here and this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. If we have to turn to alternative media sources to find out the true level of corruption that his administration is responsible for, who knows what else we could be potentially missing out on? That’s the toughest pill of all to swallow.

This is a defining moment in our nation’s history and many people are on the wrong side. They do not care one iota because they think that they are in Biden’s corner. All they are doing is enabling a doddering old man and a family full of criminals at the moment. That’s not how they see it but trust us…..that is exactly what is happening at the moment.

Those who want the real truth will need to head to DuckDuckGo, where a search for this content will actually get results. Meanwhile, if you head to Google, you will already see that the truth has been suppressed. We are more than sure that Joe Biden was on the phone with the major search engines immediately.

He has to make sure that his son isn’t called out for the nonsense that he repeatedly puts this nation through. He knows that the true patriots who actually make this nation great are never going to tolerate any of this and that’s why we are forced to dig for the information ourselves. Sleepy Joe can’t stop us from taking the correct steps to preserve our democracy so maybe he should do something about his wayward son.