Ted Cruz Roasts Politifact in Their Effort to Hire New Scheming Liberals


Politifact is the organization responsible for doing all of the supposed “fact-checking” on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They have been hard at work flagging conservative posts and they need to build their team.

As Politifact posts a tweet about a job opening, Ted Cruz exposes their accidental slip.

Cruz, a GOP senator out of Texas, has been the victim of supposed fact checks for far too long. He’s gone head-to-head with both Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter to say that they have overstepped the bounds of freedom of speech.

Politifact loves to flag things as misinformation so that they can help the Democrats spread lies to the American public.

Now, one of the staff writers of Politifact has taken to Twitter to let everyone know that they are hiring. “Come join our misinformation team.”

Oh, really? So, the truth comes out. They’re not looking to fight against misinformation, they’re looking to create it.

It is certainly the most honest post they could have created. After all, they’re not even bothering to hide what they want people to do. They need an entire team to create misinformation so that the Dems can continue to push their socialist agendas on the country.

Ted Cruz was certainly not going to miss the opportunity to point out the company’s faux pax. He screenshotted the post, circled ‘misinformation team’ and reposted it with the comment of “fact check: true.”

It’s hard to deny that Politifact is anything more than a misinformation team. They claim to be a nonpartisan organization yet they have proven that they are most certainly partisan. After all, they’re partly to blame for getting former President Trump kicked off of social media WHILE he was still a sitting president.

Politifact isn’t really focused on facts. And their team most certainly doesn’t have a sense of humor because they don’t know how to identify sarcasm when they find it. When some people post to be funny, Politifact has to come by and mark it as misinformation. It’s why so many political memes leave people in Facebook jail just for trying to crack a joke.

Opinions are no longer able to sit as opinions. Politifact will come by and say that a person’s opinion is wrong. They are determined to take free speech away. And, they would prefer if everyone’s opinions were slanted more to the left than to the right. It would make their jobs easier. Otherwise, they have to do a lot of marking up to “fact check” everyone into obedience.

Cruz has made sure that everyone knows about the misinformation team that Politifact is hiring for. The website’s writer, Bill McCarthy, doesn’t seem bothered by being poked fun at as he hasn’t taken the post down.

McCarthy did, however, go into more detail about the position. The reporter that will help to “debunk false and misleading claims” is part of the company’s mission to “sort out fact from fiction.” The only problem is that their “independent” fact-checking seems to be quite dependent on the opinions of liberal media. Oh, and their definition of “fact” seems to be a bit on the iffy side.