Surprise! Public Perception of Our Inept President Finally Catching up With His Dismal Policies


The polls are speaking volumes at the moment. Even the Democrats are not thrilled with what Biden has done here. The way that he handled the exit plan from Afghanistan was an absolute disgrace and he deserves all of the heat that he has taken right now. According to another poll that just came out from Reuters, Biden’s approval rating has now reached a new low:

“The national opinion poll, conducted on Monday, found that 46% of American adults approved of Biden’s performance in office, the lowest recorded in weekly polls that started when Biden took office in January.

It is also down from the 53% who felt the same way in a similar Reuters/Ipsos poll that ran on Friday.”

The White House has to be worried about this sharp drop, which only took three days to take place. They have now sent Joe away, while they try their best to engage in damage control. The media allies that Sleepy Joe has left are also not looking to allow him to be made fun of for much longer. They are pleading with the more sensible outlets to give him a break.

They need a quick turnaround or Biden is going to be spending months trying to dig his way out of this one. Here’s what we don’t quite understand. Even though Americans do not seem pleased with how he has chosen to handle things, they agree with his logic (more or less). That’s what we are struggling to wrap our minds around.

Reports indicate that “a majority of both Republican and Democratic voters said the chaos was a sign that the United States should leave.” So what’s the problem, really? If we had to guess, the White House has done their own polling on the matter. If you took the time to parse the Biden speech, he was not explaining what went wrong.

Instead, he wanted everyone to focus on our need to withdraw. 75 percent of the respondents believe that we need to send additional troops to complete the withdrawal, which suggests that Biden may have a little more work to do before we are in the clear. When we take a closer look at the Reuters findings, things become even less clear:

“….a majority of the 18 to 65-year-olds who took the Ipsos survey – 68% – agreed that the war “was going to end badly, no matter when the U.S. left,” and 61% wanted the United States to complete its withdrawal of troops on schedule.

Yet a smaller majority – 51% – also agreed that “it would have been worth it for the United States to leave troops in Afghanistan another year,” and 50% wanted to send troops back into the country to fight the Taliban.”

Americans are still trying to wrap their minds around this and they are not quite sure where they stand on it yet. The White House will be using this as their opportunity to emphasize the necessity of withdrawal and the probability of failure if we did not. The Biden fans are going to seize on all of this. We noticed it when we read the surprisingly critical piece from the Washington Post.

The comment section was chock full of remarks like this:

“Once Trump negotiated directly with the Taliban to exit, the legitimacy of the Afghan government was destroyed. They started to fall apart at that moment.

Leaving a small force would then be too vulnerable. Remember the Marine barracks in Beirut? We would either need to increase our force 20x to defend ourselves, or leave.

I’m glad we are leaving.

Avoidable? Nonsens. Yes, in theory everything is avoidable and rosy. Not in reality though. Allied forces never rooted in Afghan soil, not in all those years. They were heavily armed occupiers. When you walk around in villages, armed, not talking the language, you have no credibility. You are a stranger, aliens. Soldiers longed for home. Families wondered what on earth they were doing there, except fearing for their life. The culture, religion, traditions, the way people reason and see things, it is all very different. Western armies had no business there.”

Regardless of what these fools think, we are glad that Biden’s approval rating is falling. It’s high time that it accurately reflected his true level of popularity!