Squad No Where to Be Found as Women’s Rights on the Line


The demonic squad of the progressive party is relatively silent regarding women’s rights in Afghanistan. They are so bold to beat and bash any person that would dare infringe upon a woman’s rights in America but is silent when it comes to the very people they claim to support. Women in Afghanistan are suffering greatly under the Taliban that they are abused and hated for being women.

Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez abandoned their political positioning cause. The four little demons get silent when things prove how wrong they are.

They cried over the closed borders and how they believed that people were being mistreated. But the moment their open border idea blows up in their faces, they fade into the background and hope to remain unnoticed.

Millions of illegals have poured into the country through Biden’s open borders. Thousands of them are testing positive to COVID-19. And these four demons want to shy away and not answer for pressuring the president to open up the southern border.

And now that Afghanistan is oppressing women’s rights s they want to shy away from the light again. The loudmouth toddlers should be yelling and screaming about how the Taliban mistreat their women and take away their perceived rights.

The Taliban is an Islamic terrorist group that seeks to oppress everyone they can. The squad demons do not speak out against them because they are part of their organization. It is the reason why Ilhan Omar and others laugh at the death of the World Trade Center victims and blame Israel for the world’s problems. They cannot condemn what they agree with.

These four sadistic demons cried when Israel defended its people. They accused them of killing Palestinian people when they were the ones that started it. They wanted Israel destroyed, but now they are keeping silent because they approve of the murderous actions of their beloved terrorist group.

One report has come and showed that “Taliban fighters use gunfire, whips, sticks, and sharp objects to maintain crowd control over thousands of Afghans who continue to wait for a way out, on airport road.”

These abusive men use what they can find to force people to submit and bow to their evil rule.

The self-proclaimed champions of righteousness have all but vanished from the stage. Senator Tommy Tuberville stated that “I have not heard one word from all of these women in ‘The Squad’ in Congress saying anything about protecting the women of Afghanistan. You know, they’re closed-mouthed right now. It doesn’t fill their narrative. People ought to be sick of this. They really should be. But we’ll work through this.”

Liberal hypocrisy and Islamic favoritism are what defines the squad. The horrors in Afghanistan and other parts of the world should be what these women are fighting. But they would rather fight against the freedoms that women have in America. They secretly want American women subjected to the horrors that Afghanistan women are living under.

Tuberville also rightly pointed out that “You know who is really in danger right now is women. Women in Afghanistan for the first time ever have been able to go to school, do things that, you know, a normal human being gets to do. In Afghanistan, women don’t get that opportunity, but they have been given that opportunity with our being in that country and starting schools, and all of that. Now that has all gone south.”

The demonic squad could only bring themselves to say that they would welcome any woman from Afghanistan into the country. That comment is only self-serving because none of those women will ever be allowed to leave the country alive.

Joe Biden and his band of Islamic women hate freedom. They cannot condemn or defend the Afghan people because they want the same for the American people. They envision a place where people are subjected to their whims and oppressive demands.

The Democratic Party has bought into terrorism and hide it under political whims. Biden’s girls are in league with Islamic terrorism and every anti-American force in the world today.