Planned Parenthood Uses Threat of Force Against Illegals to Get Them to Abort Babies


There is no doubt that Planned Parenthood does not help people with planning future families. Their main thrust is that they thrive on abortions. They need to trick and force women to enter the clinics’ doors so they can coerce them to abort their baby children.

Open borders are the friends of Planned Parenthood. The murderous organization has maxed out their American harvest, so they are not turning to illegals. Illegal immigrants love to have lots of kids, and abortion lovers see them as a means to make money.

Planned Parenthood has found that by threatening illegals with deportation, they will have access to their unborn children. Their secretive measures were revealed by a former director of Arizona’s clinics. The amount of pressure they put on the people to abort their children is heavy.

Mayra Rodriguez was a speaker at the Democrats for Life of America conference. He claims she was targeted and pressured by Planned Parenthood to engage in their murderous endeavors. Rodriguez was illegal at one point in her life, and it was then that she was threatened deportation.

She stated, “For 16 years, I devoted my life to Planned Parenthood. As an undocumented immigrant, Planned Parenthood opened the doors to the American dream. … They hired me knowing I was undocumented.”

The organization not only pressures immigrants to abort their children, but they are also engaging in illegal hiring practices. To hire undocumented workers is to violate federal law. The leaders of Planned Parenthood commit crimes by deliberately breaking the law.

For any illegal seeking, work in America is a fantastic opportunity. But the company hiring the person is breaking the law. The Democrats do not care about law and order as long as it gives them their expected results.

Rodriguez noted that their offer was what she needed, and it was enticing. The problem was that Planned Parenthood had other goals in mind when they hired her. They needed her to attract other illegals to their clinics so they could get their claws on any unborn children. They needed to fill the jars of the murderous doctors to sell baby parts on the black market.

One report noted that “After 16 years with the company, Rodriguez was promoted to abortion director at ‘the biggest [Planned Parenthood] clinic in the state of Arizona.’ Rodriguez’s promotion made her aware of what she said is ‘the deception of Planned Parenthood’ on the abortion issue.”

Planned Parenthood had their thugs in the field raping illegals and then taking them to the clinics for an abortion. The men who manage illegals working for various businesses abuse the women and then hide their insidious actions by forcing abortion.

Rodriguez noted that Planned Parenthood officials tell “immigrants that they’re welcome there: we won’t deport you, we won’t call ICE on you. But if you carry your baby and go to the hospital and you live, for example, in Arizona or Ohio or other states where they have very strict anti-undocumented people laws, you may get deported.’”

The threat of deportation scares the illegal women into the clinics. They are coerced into killing the baby that is depending on them for their safety. And once they are in the clinic, they are pressured to give up their child.

Rodriguez began to see the evil behind Planned Parenthood and wanted nothing to do with them. She began to complain about the malpractice taking place, the hidden activities that no one talks about, and the tactics they use to get their tentacles on the unborn children.

To keep her from telling the truth about Planned Parenthood, the officials framed her by planting drugs in her office while she was away. That would end up leading to her being fired. But the fight did not stop there.

Rodriguez would sue Planned Parenthood for $3 and win her case. She now tells of the evil that flows out of the clinics and encourages other workers to leave and tell their stories as well.

Planned Parenthood murders children for the money. Many of their doctors have been found collecting baby body parts and storing them in jars in their homes. And these are the people that the Democratic Party wants to protect and empower to continue their work.