If President Biden Was Not Bad How About President Harris?


The country is not prepared to weather three years of Kamala Harris’s inability to even act like a respectable human. Her queenship believes that she can appear, and that is enough to make a difference. She cannot lead and make decisions on issues that are threatening America. She is the version of a human paperweight that is only good for holding things down.

There is no doubt that the socialist Harris wants Biden’s job. She wants to dethrone him, and he wants to fire her. The two have not worked well together since they both stole the office. And the fact that Harris stopped her trip to try and salvage Newsom’s tenure causes many to believe that she needs to stick around to step in when Biden falls out.

James Golden goes by the name Bo Snerdley. And he is digging into the matter of what is happening to old man Biden. He has suggested the question floating around Washington of what will happen when Biden finally loses it as President.

The country is in grave danger the more prolonged the man sits in a position of power. The man has the mental capacity of a toddler. He cannot move through a speaking engagement without turning around and walking out in frustration. He needs to regenerate most of the day because his old body is failing him.

He is the only thing keeping Kamala Harris from inheriting the title she longs to have. The office of the President is the highest in the land, and it would be the one title that she would love to add to her resume. For when her time in Washington has come to an end, she will be the only one that can tell a new place of employment that she sat in the Oval Office and did nothing.

She may fill a chair, but she lacks the experience needed to lead the country. She has not proved herself at the border, and she has failed at leading the space force program. America sits in the crosshairs of its enemies, and the two kids want to do nothing about it.

Harris’ reluctance to achieve anything of importance proves that she will lead the country further down the path of destruction that Biden has placed it on. One report showed that she is hated even more than Joe Biden. No one can trust her promises as she promises things and never delivered on them.

One report noted that “VICE-PRESIDENT Kamala Harris taking over from Joe Biden has been declared ‘more possible than any time’ as the White House is rocked by the crisis in Afghanistan. Kamala Harris has long been considered well placed to take over from the 78-year-old US President. With Joe Biden under pressure over the US’s handling of Afghanistan as well as concerns over the President’s cognitive reliability, political Strategist Erol Morkoc has discussed the chances of Ms Harris stepping into the role. He told GB News the ways in which Ms Harris could become the 48th President of the United States before the next election.”

The world is watching, and what happens over the next few weeks will determine how people treat the United States. The lack of strong leadership has led to a crisis in the White House, and none of the Democrats are strong enough to fill the position.

The liberal world is once again enamored with the idea of a woman achieving something great in the country. They would toss the country into the trash can to claim fame. Harris should not be the one to achieve such fame. The moment Biden is fired from his job, she needs to be run out of Washington and a special presidential election held to keep Nancy Pelosi from stepping onto the scene.

Harris’s track record shows she is not a fit for the presidency. The country deserves a lot better than has developed behind the closed doors of the mafia Democratic Party. They have lied to voters and hidden their true agenda of taking over the country and once again putting a despicable person in a place of authority.