Biden’s Baghdad Psaki Warns Americans More COVID Restrictions Are on the Way


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki continues to carry the water for Joe Biden because that’s all she is good for. We find ourselves wondering if she has any thoughts of her own but that empty head of hers is full of blank space. All she can do is recite her new talking points and hope for the best.

Now, she is warning us of new restrictions to come as far as the pandemic is concerned. You had to know that this party was not about to relinquish their death grip over our culture. At the moment, Biden is going to be keeping our options open, as he continues to let immigrants breach our borders and spread the virus.

A reporter recently asked Sleepy Joe if we could expect any more restrictions and the response was a telling one. “In all probability,” Biden said, as he happily rattled off this week’s vaccination numbers. It was not long before Psaki backed him up on this. “What’s on the table?” Psaki was asked.

She did not hesitate to start firing off the scary rhetoric. “The president is keeping the option open of making sure that he is…that the CDC and our public health officials can make recommendations on what’s needed to keep the American people safe,” said Psaki. It’s a bit ridiculous that Biden believes he alone can do this but we digress.

The Democrats have tried their best to act like they know all since the very beginning. It usually isn’t long before they are forced to change their tunes. If the Biden administration cared even one iota about American safety, they would not be allowing immigrants to pour into this country at such an astounding rate.

They are fueling infections as we speak but the White House does not care about that. It’s all about virtue signaling to them. What are they going to do when the rest of America starts to keep their options open, i.e. living elsewhere? There could be an exodus in this country unlike anything else that we have ever seen.

This is no longer about trying to control the spread of disease because we have been watching this movie play out repeatedly. The White House that we need to do one thing to control the spread of coronavirus and then they do something else entirely. None of their directives match and that is a problem that cannot be avoided.

Biden could do more but he prefers performative efforts that do not actually lead anywhere. The Democrats would never do anything that actually helps people because that goes against their whole ethos. Biden clearly benefited from the pandemic and we will not be told otherwise.

How else would he have been able to win the election? Under any sort of normal circumstance, Trump crushes him with ease. If you gave all of the liberals some truth serum and asked them about this, we are willing to bet that a sizable percentage would agree. Sleepy Joe would never have had a chance if he actually had to get out of bed and run a real campaign.

Try as they might, the Democrats cannot run away from this fact. We all saw how agitated Sleepy Joe was getting when he had to speak publicly. If anyone challenged him, he was ready to yell at them that they should just vote for Trump. That’s all that they ever had to offer to anyone in America. “We’re not Trump!” they jumped up and down, yelling until their throats were hoarse.

That’s no way to run a country and we are paying the price for that now with all of these haphazard mask mandates. Biden does not know what he is doing. Psaki is just saying whatever she is told to. This tells us one thing: we are on our own now. We must make the decisions that will allow us to survive, without being held hostage by our increasingly insane government.