Biden Claims That Migration Surges Are Seasonal to Help Cover up His Failures as President


Joe Biden has failed in his duty as president to protect the American people from all types of invasions. The southern border is the one place where hundreds of thousands of invaders are pouring into the country. And Joe Biden is helping them out by busing them into the interior of the country. And in an attempt to hide his nasty allegiance, he has stated that the massive surges are seasonal migration patterns.

The weak president must think that humans are migratory animals. To claim that people migrate at such a level is absurd. He thinks that the summer months will put a stop to the migration because people love summer in their homelands. He forgets that it is always summer in their countries because they are so close to the equator.

His message of lowering numbers is an attempt to lie to the people. The Department of Homeland Security reported numbers contrary to what the demented president is claiming. They reported a massive increase of immigrants trying to flood the border. The president lied about the issue to get people off his back.

Biden’s sick secretary of Homeland Security is Alejandro Mayorkas. The sorry man had reported a sharp increase of 13 percent. Under Donald Trump, only a little over 40,000 people were trying to cross compared to Biden 212,000 illegals pressing northward. Biden has welcomed the illegal world to American with open arms, and he will say anything to keep his open borders.

One report noted that “Mayorkas emphasized that many of the July border encounters resulted in expulsion under Title 42 health protections. These protections permit the expulsion of migrants who would need to be held in crowded facilities while being processed.” But for a liberal that loves to see illegals coming northward, he will use any reason to justify their crossing.

Biden saw to it to put Title 42 back into place, facing opposition by the ACLU. But Title 42 seems to be a cover because the illegals are coming in waves infected with COVID. And there is nothing that he wants to do but punish Americans for his dumb decisions.

Donald Trump had solved the immigration issue by working with Mexico to keep immigrants in Mexico seeking asylum. By Biden and his worthless DHS secretary sought to change everything and make it a complete mess. And all Mayorkas can say about it is that “It is complicated, changing, and involves vulnerable people at a time of a global pandemic.”

There is nothing complicated about turning illegals away because they are not entering the country legally. Biden wants to provide vaccines to all illegals instead of limiting their numbers. His attempt at COVID mitigation is a farce and only seeks to serve his hidden purposes.

Biden has stated that “The record-breaking migrant crossings come in stark contrast to comments that Biden made earlier this year. Biden argued that the surge at the border was seasonal” and “happens every year.”

“There is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border in the winter months of January, February, March. It happens every year. The reason they are coming is that it is the time they can travel with the least likelihood of dying on the way, because of the heat in the desert.”

The lousy president tore down everything that was working to control the border crossings. He could not admit that Donald Trump had done the right thing. He yielded to his progressive masters, and now the country sits in peril because of his rash actions.

Biden has also tied ICE’s hands so they cannot enforce current immigration laws. One report noted that “ICE will now avoid taking action against undocumented immigrants who applied for special visas offered to victims of abuse, human trafficking, domestic violence, child neglect, or other serious crimes, according to a directive released Wednesday.”

Biden’s progressive supporters would love to see ICE dismantled. They support the tearing apart of law enforcement at all levels.

Governor Greg Abbott revealed that “The Biden Administration has knowingly — and willfully — released COVID-19 positive migrants into Texas communities, risking the potential exposure and infection of Texas residents.” And for that, he should be held accountable for aiding in an invasion at the southern border. He does not represent America. He cares too much for the enemies of the country.