What Is He Saying? Biden Answers Question About Amnesty and the Answer Leaves Us Wondering (Video)


When Joe Biden made his return to the White House over the weekend, he was greeted by the mainstream media, which never passes up a chance to lick his boots clean. Once he approached the press area, it did not take long before the obvious questions started. In typical Joe Biden fashion, he responded with what can only be described as total gibberish.

“Asked about amnesty in Democrats’ reckless spending spree, Joe Biden responds with gibberish and doesn’t rule it out,” tweeted the RNC Research account. It should be obvious to all Americans by now that the man is nowhere near fit for this job. The same White House doctor who worked under Trump and Obama has even called out Biden’s obvious cognitive decline.

This is the same doctor who recently predicted Biden’s eventual removal with the usage of the 25th Amendment. The same people that wanted to see this happen to Trump are now going to be left to wonder what will happen to their precious Sleepy Joe. The fact that we have a president who is this far gone is giving us serious pause, as it should for all Americans.

He’s geriatric, a puppet for the Chinese Communist Party and an absolute menace to our democracy. How is anyone going to be expected to go along with anything that he says at the moment? He can’t even answer a simple question about amnesty without descending into a babbling mess.

That’s one of his biggest issues but there are a number of them to discuss. He thought that there was a clear succession plan in place, as he tabbed Kamala Harris to be his vice president. Of course, that has not gone according to plan at all. She’s no more fit for the job than he is. The only advantage when it comes to Kamala is her lack of dementia but give her time!

It won’t be long before she starts to lose her mind as well. If you had to spend four years doing all of Joe Biden’s dirty work and talking to all of the people that he deemed not important enough for his time, it wouldn’t be long before you lost your mind as well. It’s only a matter of time before Harris goes fully off the deep end.

Biden’s also got a major problem when it comes to foreign relations. The same man who believed that he was going to be some sort of breath of fresh air is not getting any sort of respect from any of our adversaries. The Chinese know that they can smack him around with reckless abandon. We have all seen what Vladimir Putin thinks of him and the less said about, the better.

These countries are licking their chops, as they know that America has never been weaker. Instead of having someone at the helm who knows what they are doing, the Democrats went for the first guy who would have any sort of name-value to their voters. Unfortunately, this strategy has not worked out in the proper manner.

As it turns out, stealing an election can have consequences that were not always easy to foresee. The Democrats’ plan of stealing the election, installing Biden and waiting for his dementia to catch up with him has hit a major snag. Harris is not ready by any stretch of the imagination and there is no guarantee that they are going to be able to pass it off to her when they feel like it.

In the meantime, we are left to deal with insane Biden moments like this one. This man is in charge of the nuclear codes, which is something that terrifies us to our very core. There’s no way to even get a straight answer out of him about anything because we are watching his brain melt into a puddle before our very eyes. What a time to be alive…