Watch Jen Psaki Deny White House COVID Protocols to Protect Texas Democrats


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has done some mental gymnastics in her day, but likely none was so difficult as what she had to do to cover for the Texas Democrats who fled their responsibilities and took to Washington to avoid a vote they didn’t care for.

While many might think it was normal or even necessary that a party’s representatives be willing to cope with the defeat of being part of a vote that didn’t win, it seems that the Texans believe they found a new way to force the hand of Republicans in both Congress and the governor’s mansion.

So, to that end, the lawmakers walke]d out of an ongoing special session, and onto a plane out of state where several were promptly diagnosed with COVID-19. That, combined with their wildly popular plan selfie that included the lawmakers being seen inclose quartes without the masks.

When questioned about the event and whether the departure from Austin, now proven to be spreading COVID-19, however, the press secretary is not calling it a “super-spread” event in a vague avoidance of blame for Democrats.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Psaki on Tuesday, “More than 10% of the traveling party with these Texas Democrats now claim to have a breakthrough case, is there any concern that this trip that was intended to advocate for voting rights is now a super-spreader event in Washington?”

“Well, I would say that’s not a characterization we’re making from here,” she said, adding, “We certainly understand there will be breakthrough cases. Even vaccines that are incredibly effective are not foolproof. They’re not 100% effective. We’ve seen that.”

Additionally, the press officer note that it really couldn’t be a super spread, due to the fact that ht lawmakers were vaccinated against the virus … though they still got it and, supposedly, exposed others to it. Apparently, the fact that their symptoms are likely to be much less server is what she’s pointing to as proof that this is a different type of case.

Doocy, unwilling to let the hypocracy go, probed further saying, “Now that COVID-19, after contact with those Democrats, has reached the White House, what is your message to these Texas Democrats?”

“Our message continues to be, thanks for standing up for voting rights and the rights of Americans to have their voices heard at the voting booth, and we appreciate their efforts in that regard,” Psaki said.

At this point, at least six of the lawmakers have tested positive for the virus since leaving Texas, and while it’s undeterminable whether it was the unkind point of contact, a vaccinated aide for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) also tested positive for coronavirus after meeting with the Texas Democrats, as did a White House staffer who met with them and was also vaccinated.

The Hill reports that “neither individual had close contact with President Biden or Pelosi,” despite two staffers reportedly both attending an event in Washington, D.C., last week.

Maybe everything including the ability to spread viruses really is bigger in Texas, or maybe it’s all one giant coincidence, but regardless, to deny that this clear and frustratingly obvious spread of COVID-19 due to the Democrats departure from their responsibilities in Texas makes a complete joke of what the White House has been trying to push about the transmissibility of the virus.

The glaring double standard being accepted from the White House is proof positive that what Americans feared is true: if you believe in the progressive agenda you can do no wrong and if you’re a conservative you’ll never have even the ability to do right. It’s more than just bias, it’s unfairness, and if unchecked, it will be the death of our government as we know it.