This Is Must See TV! Watch Lauren Boebert Take Down Pelosi, Hunter and the Defund the Police Cabal


Rep, Lauren Boebert finally got her chance to fully unload on all of the Democrats who have been drawing her ire and she is our hero. This is one of the best House floor speeches that we have seen in some time. Whoever is helping her put these awesome diatribes together deserves a major raise. We will pay for it ourselves.

It’s always great to see people speaking truth to power like this. She spared no one, either. Nancy Pelosi was one of the targets of her wrath. She’s also ticked off with the Biden crime syndicate and their repeated insistence on rubbing our noses in their wrongdoing. Boebert was there to defend the Second Amendment but her speech goes so much deeper than this.

The Democrats who are doing everything in their power to strip the police of their funding are also being targeted here and we are happy that someone is willing to say it. “From the left’s riots across America to Biden’s threats to strip away our constitutional rights, Democrats are single-handedly responsible for the sale of tens of millions of firearms. Bravo! Well done,” Boebert said.

How can they even argue this? This is exactly what they have done. They are the ones who claim that they are against the possession of firearms but they are responsible for creating a country that is so unsafe, people are buying them in record numbers. No one can seem to reconcile this and we cannot blame them.

Boebert also took to Twitter to needle the leftists who were sure to hate the contents of this speech. It’s hard to argue the points that she is making. They are the ones who have pushed things to this point. She’s simply holding the mirror back up to their own faces.

“The left’s gun-grabbing rhetoric is encouraging millions of Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights by buying their first, second, or even 100th firearm. Bravo. Democrats can keep running their mouths, and we’ll keep adding to our arsenals,” she tweeted.

If you would like to see the entire speech for yourself, it is well worth taking the time to watch. The liberals are sure to be so upset and this is not the only bitter pill that they have to swallow. One of their latest battlegrounds has been social media. They do not believe that people like Boebert should be able to block anyone on their personal Twitter account.

In addition to this clip, they now have to reconcile that a judge ruled that it is perfectly okay for her to do so. Some might believe that Boebert should remain beholden to their personal expectations but no one else is going to go along with that. Maybe the liberals will realize that they can simply shut their mouths and let others speak, even if they do not agree with their opinions.

We are just kidding, of course. We know that the liberals find it impossible to let others express themselves. Boebert is one of their biggest enemies because she does not care about any of that. She is bringing the heat to Congress and that’s what we have all been waiting for. It gets tiresome to see every single conservative silenced unless they are paying lip service to what the liberals want.

Free speech is going out the window these days and the far left is holding it open. They want to live in a world where they are the only ones who get to speak their minds. That’s what makes this such an important video for everyone to see, no matter what side of the aisle you sit on.

Those who voted for Boebert have to be as thrilled as possible. Their wildest dreams of having real honesty back in Congress are coming true. She’s the type to fight for the Americans who are constantly being left behind and we are grateful to her for that!