This Is Crazy! US Military Members Punished for Supporting American Flag but Forced to Celebrate Gay Pride Flag


The Navy Command of Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit THREE ZERO THREE Mainbody made a poor decision that is going to haunt them for years to come. Can you believe that they made every member participate in a gay pride parade? A woman whose husband is currently serving with the Navy reported about the parade, which the soldiers did not have any choice about.

Their participation was mandatory. The soldiers were asked to wave a gay pride flag while they walked. “A woman whose husband is active duty Navy sent me this. His command held a “diversity hike” in honor of Pride Month. Attendance was mandatory. They hiked while waving a rainbow American flag,” Matt Walsh shared.

Walsh even shared the Facebook post about this matter, in case anyone was trying to be skeptical. Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit THREE ZERO THREE Mainbody posted their photos on Facebook for all to see. The craziest part of all is that Facebook is actively looking to censor the post. They are not letting anyone look at it and they are even removing all of the negative commentaries.

Why can’t these people express themselves in the manner that they choose? Facebook and other social media platforms do not let anyone speak their minds anymore. The bigger problem is happening within our government, though.

These servicemen and women should have the ability to make decisions for themselves, as any red-blooded American does. The idea that not wanting to participate in a forced activity like this makes you homophobic is a silly one. This is not what really matters. Performative displays like this are more geared to the liberals anyway.

We’re about to drop a truth bomb that a lot of the liberals are not going to be ready for. Many of them want these displays to serve as their sole connection to the cultures that they claim to care about. They force people into this type of behavior because it makes them feel better on a personal level, not because they actually give a crap about the people in question.

Is the LGBT community supposed to be impressed with this type of thing? We would absolutely love to get some of them on truth serum and hear their real thoughts. No one likes to be pandered to and we are sorry but this is pandering to the highest degree. We knew that this would be Biden’s America but it has happened even quicker than we could have ever expected.

Mind you, these are the same military members who are being told that they are the problem. This country’s level of respect for the troops has been dwindling in recent years. Instead of being willing to let a few misguided liberals have their delusions, these brave servicemen and woman have been reduced to mere pawns.

They no longer have their own agency, they are just action figures that Biden and Harris can bend to their whims. Their whole goal is to make sure that the liberals are kept happy but this is coming at the expense of our troops. It’s a rhetorical question, for sure, but we find ourselves wondering how much more disrespect these troops will have to endure.

Sadly, these things are probably going to stay this way for the foreseeable future. We do not have a president like Trump in office who is going to be calling this type of stuff out. If anything, Biden and Harris are sure to tout this as an example of how wonderful and progressive they are.

Wasn’t it nice to have a president that actually cared about the country being properly run? Now, we have a couple of charlatans who are more concerned with making sure that the far left is always happy and placated. It’s a fool’s errand, to say the least. Those people are never going to be happy in America, no matter what ends up happening.