They Really Think We Are Stupid! White House Blames Republicans for Defund the Police Movement


At a press briefing that took place on Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told her biggest lie yet. She is trying to claim that the Republicans are the ones who are responsible for the current movement that is centered around defunding the police. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy questioned her about this lie and she was more than willing than double down.

How is Psaki even managing to justify this latest piece of fibbing? She claims that the Republicans have let everyone where they stand by refusing to vote for the massive COVID-19 relief plan that Biden pushed through. What that has to do with anything is anyone’s guess.

This relief bill had nothing to do with COVID-19 and the Republicans knew that. Psaki is invoking the provision in the bill to provide money for “community policing”. Since the GOP did not vote in favor of this bill, they are now said to hate the police. Psaki claims that they are actually the ones who have decided to defund the police, not the Democrats.

This sleight of hand might work on the more gullible liberals out there but it is not going to work on us. That’s all that the Democrats have been calling for over the last year. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and other Democrat leaders have been banging this drum for months. How can they possibly act like this was not their primary objective?

Jen Psaki ought to be ashamed of herself for lying like this but we know that shame is not an emotion that the average Democrat is capable of feeling. Anyone who has seen AOC in action can attest to this. She will talk out of both sides of her mouth in the same day and then act like anyone who notices is trying to tell a lie about her.

Let’s be honest here. The Democrats do not care about this issue in any real or meaningful way. This is all a part of their ongoing mission to make sure that people know that they are not the same as Donald Trump. Since Trump was a president who prided himself on the preservation of law and order, Biden and company have to make sure that the liberals know they are not the same.

Biden could not care less if the police receive funding or not, if we had to guess. He just recites whatever his handlers tell him to and hopes for the best. It’s a sad way to run a country but this is what happens when elections are stolen. Ineffectual leaders like Sleepy Joe are installed, which stinks for anyone who had gotten used to having a real president who was happy to do his job.

With Biden, it often feels like he was caught napping. His press conferences always seem like he was just woken up from a great nap. Harris is not much better, either. She is more worried about making sure that she positions herself to take over for Biden to take care of any issues that we are experiencing. We have already seen how she chooses to handle the problems at the southern border.

The Democrats are the masters of projection at this point. They’ll say anything that they can and then come up with a lie as soon as it suits their needs. Psaki is just the mouthpiece, she’s not the actual issue. We are on the other side of the looking glass now. Nothing is what it appears to be anymore.

“Community policing” is what they are going to hide behind and if this is the case, the Republicans need to go on the offensive. The mainstream media also seems more than happy to go along with this, as usual. That one does not surprise us at all. No one should be covering for them on this one but that horse is already well out of the barn….