The End of American Freedom! Biden Orders Capitol Policed to Use Military Surveillance Equipment Against Americans


The Biden regime has been using the protests on January 6th as an excuse to expand their power for some time now. Their strong-arm tactics only become more and more obvious by the day. “State-police” offices are now going to be opened in a number of regions, according to Nancy Pelosi. They are also going to reclassify the Capitol Hill Police as “an intelligence-based protective agency”.

US military surveillance equipment access will be granted to the Capitol Hill Police with these new stipulations, which seems a bit drastic. This equipment is typically used by our armed forces to keep tabs on enemy zones and monitor our enemy forces.

“Persistent Surveillance Systems Ground – Medium (PSSG-M) units’ to the federal police force. The equipment will be added to the current security infrastructure and be used to help assist “steady-state” missions and monitor US civilian actions to “identify emerging threats,” Lloyd Austin said on July 2. Why would our Secretary of Defense make such a decision?

They are going to be utilizing technology that is normally used in Afghanistan and Iraq. That seems a bit excessive when it comes to the American people, that is for certain. This is all part of the Biden regime’s new plan to demonize the American people and further our growing national divide.

Now, Americans are being encouraged to spy on one another and snitch on each other. Instead of using the aforementioned equipment to gather intelligence on American enemies who reside in hostile regions, it is being used to target innocent Americans who have different beliefs. Intelligence profiles are going to be created for many of us before you know it.

The units are going to be installed by the Army and USCP officers will receive the necessary training on how to use them. PSSG-M units collect data that can be used to provide an analysis on “pattern of life” and the high definition can capture all sorts of information about hundreds of moving targets at any given moment. The information can also be gathered over the course of a long period of time, which is sure to raise eyebrows.

At the moment, the Capitol Police are not divulging many of their plans for how the equipment will be used. Their press release is alarming, as they are promising to share the information with other law enforcement agencies. This is how they are going to start the process of cracking down on various dissenters. The press release is as follows:

“USCP leadership has increased intelligence sharing and collaboration between all of our local, state and federal law enforcement partners as well increased our partnership within the intelligence community and Congressional stakeholders.

The Public Information Office is now engaging with the community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as increasing the number of news releases to keep the media and local community informed.”

The neo Marxists are going to be thrilled about these developments, as they continue to take all sorts of steps to limit the freedoms of others. They do not want the undesirables to be able to make their way to Washington, DC. United States intelligence agencies should not be using their resources in this manner and it is sad to see them intimidating the average American in this manner.

We would not be surprised if they were in the process of preparing for some startling revelations to come to light. It definitely comes across to use like they are being proactive. They are afraid of something and we wouldn’t be shocked if the revelation that they are clearly so scared of is related to the Arizona voting audit that is currently taking place.

Let’s see that report already, shall we? The good people of Arizona (and the United States as a whole) deserve to know what is really going on. American freedom as we know it is coming to an end and Biden is the one who is pushing it down the elevator shaft.