Schumer Forgets a Critical Step When Demanding a Vote on Infrastructure Bills


Just once, it would be nice to see the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, play by the rules. However, he’s decided to use a loophole to his advantage. After all, he knows it’s the only way to push the trashy infrastructure bill being championed by President Biden all the way through the Senate.

Schumer is going to skip an important step of the process to get a vote.

The vote for the infrastructure bill has already been scheduled. No big deal, right?

Wrong. The bill hasn’t even been introduced yet.

It’s completely unreasonable for Senators to be able to read through every page of the bill ahead of the vote. Yet, that’s what Schumer is hoping for. If you can’t read the bill, you can’t ask questions. And, you won’t see all of the last-minute changes that Dems have dumped into it.

The “bipartisan” aspect of the infrastructure bill is a joke and everyone knows it. There’s also a fully partisan aspect of the bill that’s being pushed through – and it’s an expensive bill that could change a number of things that we know and love about the U.S.

If the plan doesn’t get pushed to the Senate floor for a vote now, it may not make it into law before the August recess. Oh, and if the bill doesn’t get passed, Schumer has already threatened to cancel the recess.

It’s an incentive to pass without reading. Do it or I cancel the recess. Can he do that? Yes. Is it legal? Yes. Is it a good idea? Absolutely not.

Schumer wants to pretend as though he’s doing this in the best interest of the entire Senate. On the Senate floor this past Thursday, he explained “Everyone has been having productive conversations, and it’s important to keep the two-track process moving.”

Essentially, he’s asking for everyone to finalize the agreements that need to be made so that the vote can be taken without any significant hold-ups.

The deadline for the bipartisan bill is set. That won’t be the issue. It’s the secondary package that is the issue. It’s the Democrats’ partisan bill that poses problems because while they call it “infrastructure” it has nothing to do with the traditional aspects of infrastructure.

The reconciliation package is also getting added. It’s their way of using a trojan horse so that they can include as many radical components as possible to the bill with the hope that Republicans won’t notice it.

The bills aren’t ready. The language hasn’t been concerned. No single group has had the opportunity to read the bills in their entirety. Yet, the vote will go on regardless.

There will be questions on spending that won’t get answered – and that’s what Schumer is counting on. He knows that the bills are expensive. He knows that there are all sorts of radical liberal components. If he can fast forward on the questioning, it will allow them to get passed.

We’re talking about trillions of dollars. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is prepared to take the ball that Schumer passes to her and run with it. She’s already said that she wouldn’t take the “bipartisan” infrastructure package until the Senate passes the budget with a $3.5 trillion social spending package.

It’s ridiculous. It’s scary. We can only hope that there are not going to be 10 Republicans who will be on board. It’s a bad plan, everyone knows it, yet Schumer will skip past the important details in order to push it through.