Good Job Kamala! More Than 500k Illegal Immigrants Flooded Into the US Since She Took Over the Border


Kamala Harris has been placed in charge of the border crisis and of course, she has next to nothing to put a stop to it. Ever since she was handed the reins, another 500,000 illegal immigrants have crossed over. The sheer number of immigrants who are pouring into our country should give anyone major pause.

The staggering numbers continue to grow on a daily basis, alarming anyone who has been monitoring the situation. This is not sustainable by any stretch of the imagination. The Washington Free Beacon has more about this ongoing issue:

“Vice President Kamala Harris finally visited the southern border, three months after being put in charge of solving the immigration crisis. In that time, more than half a million illegal immigrants were apprehended at the southern border.

Upon arriving in El Paso on Friday, the vice president continued to attack journalists for asking questions about why she waited so long to make the trip. “It’s not my first trip, I’ve been to the border many times,” Harris snapped, apparently referring to previous visits she made as a senator.

Since President Joe Biden made Harris his “border czar” on March 24, illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border at a record rate of nearly 180,000 per month, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

CBP agents apprehended 178,854 illegal immigrants at the southern border in April, which at the time was the highest monthly figure since April 2000. At least it was until the following month, when CBP agents apprehended 180,034 illegal immigrants attempting to enter the country.

When the CBP data for June is reported next month, the total number of illegal crossings since late March is likely to surpass 500,000, which would mark a tremendous increase compared with last year.”

If you need some perspective on this matter, this is higher than the population of several major cities. It’s higher than Miami, Florida or Cleveland, Ohio. There is an entire city of illegal immigrants milling about at the border, most of them with no place to go. Biden is the one who has told them that they needed to come on down, though.

The liberal states are even promising them free healthcare. At this point, there is no deterrent. Biden says that you will get a bed regardless of your status and the Democrat-led states and cities are more than happy to give them whatever they want. The worst part of all is that this happened within the span of a few short months.

Trump had everything largely under control before he left office. Biden arrived and decided that everything he worked for needed to be destroyed. Did Biden or his ilk have any real reason for doing this? Our readers already know that they did not. All that mattered to them was making sure that they could present themselves as the anti-Trump party. Common sense and basic decency are now out the window.

The Democrats are operating under the guise of kindness but we know what the real end game is here. They are importing hundreds of thousands of new voters. Biden and company want to make sure that they never have to compete in a real election again.

By taking the time to open the borders to all sorts of new potential voters, they are making a huge bet on the sustainability of this concept. If they can get these people into the country and figure the rest out later, they have an awesome new voting bloc that they can tap into any time they feel like it.

Like most ideas that the Democrats come up with, this one looks a lot better on paper than it does in reality. Biden and Harris figured that they would create the next generation of Democratic voters themselves. This is a cautionary tale about what can happen when you decide that you are going to use your power to play God to such an insane degree.