Black Supremacists Warn Liberals There’s No Place for White People in Ivy League Universities


Dallas Justice NOW is a black supremacist group that is based in the state of Texas. They are making some ridiculous demands that are drawing a sizable amount of attention. White Americans are being asked to make a pledge that they are not going to be attending any Ivy League schools. The top schools in the United States can no longer be attended by whites.

The elite slots must now be reserved for the minorities of America or else. While there are a number of white Americans who have demonstrated their fealty to these causes by standing with Black Lives Matter protesters, this is not enough by itself. Dallas Justice NOW does not believe that this is doing enough when it comes to the removal of white supremacy.

“We are writing to you because we understand you are white and live within the Highland Park Independent School District and thus benefit from enormous privileges taken at the expense of communities of color,” the group states in their latest missive. “You live in the whitest and wealthiest neighborhood in Dallas. Whether you know it or not, you earned or inherited your money through oppressing people of color.

This is the oldest trick in the book and it usually works. The type of people who live in these neighborhoods are typically okay with offering up a token donation as a means of silencing the white guilt that is apparently chattering inside of their heads. The letter is real and there is more to it than what we have already shared:

“However, it is also our understanding that you are a Democrat and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement which makes you one of our white allies and puts you in a position to help correct these crucial injustices. We need you to step up and back up your words with actions and truly sacrifice to make our segregated city more just,” the letter continues.

“I’m dead right now. Highland Park is one of the richest areas in Texas. These Democrat parents would walk across hot coals & plan a murder for the chance their kids go to an Ivy League or other top schools. Then they get this from a Black Lives Matter Organization,” tweeted Kathleen McKinley. We could not agree more. They are definitely overplaying their hand big time here.

In addition to keeping their children out of the elite schools, those with white privilege are being asked to convince their friends and loved ones to do the same. It’s like something out of a comedy sketch but no, it is real. We can’t stop laughing, although we doubt that this is their intention.

“We are asking you to pledge that your children will not apply or attend any IVY League School or US News & World Report Top 50 School. If you do not have children under 18 then we ask you to pledge to hold your white privileged friends, family, and neighbors with children to this standard,” the letter continues.

“These schools have afforded white families for generations. Having your children attend these schools takes away spaces from students of color who really need the job opportunities, education and influence that these schools provide,” they went on to say. Any rich, white Americans who are not willing to comply are racists and that is all there is to it. Not to worry, though….they are providing those who are being asked to make their children’s lives worse with some necessary words of encouragement.

“The quest for justice requires commitment from our white allies and we thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in making such a commitment,” they conclude. You hear that, Highland Park? If you are willing to kneecap your child’s chances of making it in life, you get a hearty thank you for your troubles. White Americans had better stand up and take notice before this sort of initiative happens in their town.