Biden’s Actually Spending Money NOT to Build the Wall


The border crisis is becoming more and more of a problem. One of the reasons why it’s problematic is because there are migrants literally sneaking into the United States in any way possible. Former President Trump had a plan to build a wall. It would have at least slowed down migrants entering the country so that we weren’t faced with what we are faced with today.

The wall was a great idea – and it was funded.

Now, President Biden has reversed all of the Trump-era immigration policies to the point that we need the wall now more than ever. We have a full-blown immigration crisis on our hands and Biden hasn’t done anything to put a stop to it.

We could continue to build the wall. Instead, however, Biden has decided that it’s better to spend money every day NOT to build the wall.

That’s right. The wall isn’t being built due to a lack of funds. The funds are there. Instead, it’s not being built because Biden has chosen to pay the Department of Defense contractors to NOT build the wall.

The reality is that the Biden administration thinks that it’s a wise use of taxpayer dollars to pay around $3 million every day to not construct the southern border wall. Republican Oklahoma Senator James Lankford pointed out just how ridiculous this is.

The border crisis is already costing Americans a fortune. The crime in the southern cities that border Mexico, including many in Texas, is on the rise. The Biden administration is allowing the illegal migrants in – and we’re paying for them to stay in detention camps until they can be released into the interior of the U.S.

Biden has taken an “immigrants first” approach to ruling the country – and it’s a costly one.

And to think that there’s essentially a free fix. We could stop paying out $3 million a day so that the border wall could actually be finished.

According to Lankford, at least $2 billion has been spent to pay contractors not to build the wall since January 20.

$10 billion was allocated to the Department of Defense under former President Donald Trump. The money was already allocated. What’s ridiculous is that Biden has made it clear that he doesn’t intend on slowing the immigration process down. Otherwise, why would he have already spent $2 billion on suspension and termination fees for the DOD contractors? At this point, millions are being spent on contractors daily just so that they can guard the concrete, steel, and other materials sitting out there in Texas.

Let’s ask Americans how they’d like to see their taxpayer dollars spent. Would we like to see $2 billion being spent on building the wall or not building the wall? Because, no matter what, billions are going to be spent.

Once upon a time, Democrats may have argued and said that they didn’t want the wall. However, as illegal crossings have reached a 20-year high and there are more drugs entering the U.S. than ever, minds are being changed.

This is no longer a partisan complaint. Republicans and Democrats alike are concerned about the level of illegal migration occurring under Biden’s lazy eye.

The former CBP acting Commissioner Mark Morgan along with former DHS acting Deputy Chief of Staff have said in a joint statement that “the Biden administration is setting money on fire while our border burns.”

And to think that we’ve actually been paying to stop the project that could end this illegal immigration since January.