Antisemitism in Biden’s America! College Students Shocked to Watch Hatred Against Jews by Progressive Peers


We are not surprised by this story at all but we are shocked by the mainstream media news source that elected to share it. At long last, CNN might actually be coming to their senses. They are shedding light on a story that needs far more airtime. When the progressives are not being so progressives, they need to be called out, too.

This story is about two Jewish college students. Of course, they consider themselves to be awesome progressives. They champion all sorts of liberal causes, which of course makes them the wokest of the woke. However, they claim that they are being targeted for their Jewish heritage, which does not make sense.

If they are spending so much time with progressives, why are they being treated this way? Surely, their fellow woke crowd members would never behave in such a rude and thoughtless manner. CNN has more about this developing story:

“I never [before] had the experience of being scared to leave my home,” says [Julia] Jassey, who is now 20 and just finished her sophomore year at the University of Chicago.

She started a “Jewish on Campus” group on social media for students like her. And she found many were like her — Jewish students finding themselves the target of hate from both the left and the right, and increasingly from their own peers.

“It’s intense,” Jassey says of her online experiences. “I’ve gotten death threats, I’ve gotten sexual assault threats, I’ve gotten called lots of slurs, my family’s gotten death threats.”

Blake Flayton, a student who is currently enrolled at George Washington University in Washington, DC, is having a similar experience at the moment. The left claims that they are as tolerant as they come but these stories do not indicate that:

“An American Jew is only used to perceiving anti-Semitism as Nazis in Charlottesville carrying tiki torches, or a swastika being spray-painted onto a synagogue wall, or the Christian right saying that Jews killed Jesus Christ. We’re not very attuned to and good at recognizing anti-Semitism when it doesn’t come from that extreme side of the political spectrum,” Flayton says. “But we are going to have to get used to it, because that’s what’s coming here. It’s already here.”

Social media is chock full of these abuses, which is funny you stop to consider the general mentality that social media users have about their own opinions. These people love to act so high and mighty. Flayton’s stories should stun everyone….

“I’m a white supremacist. I’m a Nazi. I kill babies. I’m a genocide apologist. I am a racist. I support ethnic cleansing and colonialism,” Flayton says, quoting some of the abuse hurled at him. “I get more death threats than my parents would probably like to know about.”…

Flayton says, “If a Jew who is a liberal, who is left-wing says, ‘I’m a Zionist,’ they’re not given the space to explain all of what that means. That word means is that you support the Jewish right to self-determination in part of our ancestral homeland, not even specifying where the borders are, not even specifying which government they would like to see in charge in Israel,” he says. “They’re not given the space to explain that. They’re banished.”

Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are even named in the story, as they have both been known to step over the line and fire off antisemitic remarks. While CNN stops short of fully accusing them of inciting hatred, they acknowledge that they are emblematic of a growing mentality on the left. Perhaps they are not as progressive as they would like to claim?

This is something that we have been paying close attention to for some time now. The “right wing” has been clocking this for some time. “Not just neo-Nazis with tiki torches: Why Jewish students say they also fear cloaked anti-Semitis,” reads the headline. We wish that this antisemitism was “cloaked” but it is not. The progressives are being blatantly racist.