Why Is the Biden Admin Allowing Fauci to Investigate His Own Criminal Complicity in Funding Chinese Bioweapons Research Leading to COVID


Senator Rand Paul (Republican-Kentucky) paid a visit to America’s Newsroom and spoke with Bill Hemmer on Tuesday. He had a lot on his mind, as he wanted to know more about Dr. Fauci’s latest bit of malfeasance. He wanted to discuss the virus’ origins with Hemmer and we were enraptured. Paul is one of the few who has kept his foot on Fauci’s neck during the course of the pandemic.

Others were scared to tell it like it is but not Rand Paul! This interview is a great watch but we are here to share some of the best parts with you before you watch. Paul has one simple request: he does not want Dr. Fauci to be allowed to investigate himself and he wants him to have to testify under oath. In his mind, he should be fully excluded from all of these discussions because of his obvious bias.

We’re not seeing any lies here and once he got his chance to speak, Paul did not let up for a second. “Take the value of the dollars he mentioned, the $600,000 over 5 years. Is that a lot? Does that matter?” Hemmer asked. You can tell from this response that this is something Paul has thought about for a long, long while:

“Well, sure it’s a lot. And there are some reports that it added up to millions over time. But the other thing he said was that there was no gain of function in the application. There are scientists who looked at the application and who absolutely and categorically disagree with him. They say the application did include gain of function.

The other evidence that we have is Dr. Shi from the Wuhan lab published a paper that is clearly about gain of function and it that she thanks her group and Dr. Fauci for funding that paper. So there are a lot of contradictions going on. The bottom line, he cannot investigate himself. If he was responsible for giving this money. He has every incentive to cover it up and not reveal the truth about it because if the pandemic did come from the lab, he would have great culpability in this…”

These are the truest words ever spoken, aren’t they? Hemmer sounds like some reporter from the far left. He’s not equipped to handle interviews of this nature but Paul handles him anyway. The exchange that Paul had with Dr. Fauci not that long ago was a telling one, too.

“Dr. Fauci, do you still support funding of the NIH funding of the lab in Wuhan?” Paul asked him recently. “Senator Paul you are entirely, entirely, & completely incorrect. The NIH has not ever funded gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Fauci replied. It’s funny how everything has seemed to change on the drop of a dime. Dr. Fauci may have finally gotten tired of telling everyone to do and now he is ready to start being more honest about things.

We just hope that Rand Paul continues to speak his mind and tell the truth about all of this. The masses have been misled by people like Dr. Fauci for far too long. All of these folks were treated like they were racists just for being a little bit skeptical. Everyone deserves an apology, especially now that Dr. Fauci himself is taking the time to advance the Wuhan lab leak theory.

Remember when Trump is accused of fueling racism against the Asian people because he had similar skepticism? The virus could not be connected to China in any way because people were that afraid of what would happen. All of a sudden, it is perfectly okay to offer up these types of criticisms because the Democrats have given the go ahead. Once they say it is okay to criticize the Chinese government, it is full speed ahead, isn’t it? Funny how that seems to work but we cannot say we’re shocked.