What the World Really Thinks About Biden’s G7 Failure! “I’m Not Sure He Even Knew He Was in the UK” (Video)


Nigel Farage had a sit down with Greg Kelly on Monday evening, as the two looked to discuss the horrific displays from Boris Johnson and Joe Biden that took place during the G7 summit. “He can change his colors to suit any circumstance, any weather… Boris was elected as a conservative and he’s now governing as a Green,” said Farage of Johnson.

He believes that Johnson is a bit of a chameleon and to be honest, he’s not that off base here. From there, it did not take long before Farage took aim at Joe Biden. This is the part that everyone was waiting for. “By the way, Greg, I got to tell you. Biden made no impression on the UK at all. He spent most of the conference grinning inanely… I’m not sure he even knew he was in the UK,” he said.

That’s a pretty good way of putting it. Biden definitely did not seem to be coherent. The one time that he looked like he was with it, he was hitting on Boris Johnson’s wife. Biden does not make the United States look good by any stretch of the imagination. This was just the most recent example of that.

Farage has often won comparisons to Donald Trump because of his willingness to tell it like it is. He’s typically spot on with these types of assessments and this one is no different. This summit allowed the whole world to see what we already know. Biden is not fit to lead and the rest of the world does not take him seriously.

How could they? There’s nothing about the way that he carries himself that demands any level of respect. He’s a bumbling old man who cannot stay out of his own way. It does not matter how hard his staffers try. They can write his speeches, prop him up and do whatever they can to mitigate the disasters that he is sure to cause along the way.

We’re just surprised that he hasn’t had one of his patented freakouts yet. The campaign trail would have been his worst nightmare if he had to speak to the public on a regular basis. Now, we are seeing the results of what happens when a personality void like this one is given the chance to bypass a typical campaign and an election, too.

Trump never had the luxury because he had to earn his position. Once he earned his position, everything that he said or did was subjected to the highest levels of scrutiny. If Trump misspoke in public or looked anything less than lucid, the mainstream media would all start putting their doctor hats on and offering up their diagnosis.

These are the things that Biden has never and will never have to deal with because he is the chosen one. The mainstream media will never let anyone speak ill of him because they are the ones who helped to rig the election. If they admit that Biden is unfit for the job now, they are going to be forced to admit that they should have done more to stop the steal.

At the end of the day, that’s what it all comes down to. No one wants to be made to look foolish in a scenario like this. They have already made their beds and now they have to lie in them. To be fair, no one told any of these people that they needed to be treating Joe Biden like the second coming.

Biden does not do any governing, he’s just the figurehead who is propped up for public appearances. We all know this and everyone pretends that they do not see it. Harris is supposed to be the next chosen one but she seems to be buckling under the pressure. It won’t be long before the Democrats are forced to confront their ridiculous behavior and we cannot wait.