Watch Kamala Going Nuts Over Repeated Criticism With Her Refusal to Visit Border


Kamala Harris is never going to take responsibility for the multitude of mistakes that she makes. This story is just the latest example of that. Everyone knows that she has been avoiding the border and she won’t stand for being called out on it. A Univision reporter recently learned this lesson the hard way.

She and Biden spent most of the 2020 campaign hiding out and refusing to answer any questions in a meaningful manner. They got a taste of having zero accountability and now they are drunk on that power. Harris and Biden absolutely blow their tops any time they are confronted about the nonsense that they pull.

“I’ve said I’m gonna go to the border! And I-” said Harris before the reporter interrupted. “When are you going to the border, Vice President?” the Univision reporter asked. These people are not going to tolerate her and the evasive maneuvers that she tries to lead them through. Biden and Kamala are both incapable of giving anyone a straight answer

“I’m not finished! I said I’m going to the border,” Harris barked back. To make matters even worse, she literally wagged her finger at the reporter. If there is anything that better sums up the relationship that this administration has with reporters, we have yet to see it. They would wag their fingers in the reporters’ faces every day if they could.

Harris continued to lecture the reporter in the rudest manner possible, letting her know that she would keep her posted when she decided to head to the border. The condescension drips off every single word. The video is as sad as it gets and we wish that Harris would take a long, hard look at what she is allowing herself to become.

The same woman who had no problem calling out Biden for all of the lies that he told during his political career is now becoming the new Biden. She’s spent enough time around him to absorb all of his worst traits. Biden is an expert when it comes to playing the nice guy role but he always shows his true colors whenever he is pushed a bit.

For example, we can all remember how quick he has to tell everyone that they should just vote for Trump if they had any sort of problem with how he does things. That was his go-to line during the few appearances that he made during the campaign trail. Once Obama made the boss calls and cleared out all of his meaningful competition, he did not have to do or say much.

Harris has a lot of nerve behaving like this when the crisis that is being referenced is one that she is directly responsible for. Who else are the reporters supposed to be asking about this? Better yet, what else are they supposed to be saying. These fools seem to be peeved because the media is not championing their performance on this issue and rightfully so.

They may have assumed that they would get a free pass for the next four years. However, the “we aren’t Trump!” honeymoon is rapidly coming to a close and people find themselves wondering if normalcy can even return. The charlatans are being exposed and those who have been expecting this from the very beginning are as happy as they can be under the current circumstances.

It is so hard to get through to them at the moment. No one should be expecting that to change anytime soon, either. The taxpayers have to be wondering when their money is going to be used to meaningfully address this issue but not to worry. We are sure that Harris will find a way to wag her finger in their faces as soon as possible, too. That is what the Democrats do when they are confronted with their own incompetence. They will always find a way to blame others!