This Must Be a Mistake! Biden Expands Program for MORE Minors to Be Able to Migrate to the Us


Central Americans who migrate to the United States were given a great piece of news recently but it is not great news for the rest of the country. Now, Biden is looking to follow in the footsteps of the almighty Obama by creating a whole new class of minors who will be able to migrate to our country. Central Americans will soon have more legal routes than ever, thanks to his infinite wisdom.

The minors are going to be able to hop on planes and fly in with no problem, in case you were wondering just how easy Biden is going to make this. The current administration is currently stricken with a border crisis of their own creation, with no new ideas on the horizon that are going to make things any better.

The ‘no new ideas’ part is especially important. Biden is resurrecting a 2014 Obama program in hopes of helping these minors. The Central American Minors program is designed to provide assistance to those who are under the age of 21 and residing in the Northern Triangle countries.

That means we will soon be swamped with minors from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. This group tends to make up the largest percentage of migrants who head to our borders. Now that the program has been reincarnated by Biden, there are tens of thousands of minors who are going to be eligible to come to the United States.

According to State Department deputy spokeswoman Jalina Porter, the children are able to board planes and head into the United States without any government permission. This is what happens when the Democrat Party’s far left-wing gets the chance to call the shots. Obama came up with the program when he was in the process of trying to handle his own border crisis.

It seems that history is repeating itself. Biden thought that he could undo all of the border policies that were put into place by the Trump administration but that’s not the case. It’s not as easy to rule the country with the stroke of a pen as he thought.

Trump put a stop to the Obama program in 2017, correctly observing that he was indirectly responsible for creating a pathway to citizenship or legal residency. Congressional approval needs to be provided in these instances. On March 10, Biden was finally able to get the program restarted. As long as these minors have a parent that resides in the United States, they are eligible to come.

This is a very low bar, especially since Biden has decided to enact a deportations freeze. The Wall Street Journal has more about this costly plan:

“Under the original program, Central American minors would be eligible to come to the U.S. if they had one parent living legally in the country—either as a permanent resident or a person covered by a program offering temporary protection from deportation, such as Salvadorans living in the U.S. with Temporary Protected Status.

Children could apply for refugee status or another form of permission to enter the U.S. known as humanitarian parole, which could be subject to renewal but wouldn’t provide the applicant a legal immigration status.”

This is how the current administration is going to create a whole new class of migrant residents. The initial program from Obama and DACA ensure this. Democrats have no care for the law. They are always going to look for ways to let illegal immigrants in, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it.

Biden can use all of the new titles and distinctions that he wants, nothing is ever going to change. These people are being handed the chance to hop right over the immigrants who are trying to enter the country in the proper manner. Biden thinks that this is is going to help with the crisis at the border but there is nothing that can be done. The flood at the southern border is only going to worsen.