This Is Biden’s America! Iowa Teacher Melts Down Because She Can’t Use Racist Indoctrination in the Classroom


This is what happens when we allow teachers that moonlight as far-left activists into the classroom. Instead of keeping their opinions to themselves, they are more likely to make everything about them. This is the story of a teacher who was told that she can’t teach critical race theory to her students once fall rolls around.

Finally, GOP lawmakers are stepping up to make sure that this cannot happen. Republican Governor Kim Reynolds has signed legislation that bans these Marxist teachings from the state’s schools and this is a much-needed victory for all of the conservative thinkers in Iowa. They no longer have to worry about their children being taught about this claptrap.

Megan Geha, a special education teacher at Des Moines High School, is the one who stands in opposition to this. As you might have expected, she took to TikTok to air her grievances. She goes by “Mrs. Magoo” on this platform because of course she does. These teachers are always trying to act like they are younger than they are.

Geha whined, complained and even used expletives. “This teacher is fuming that she can’t teach CRT. Her whole account is fucking crazy. I will post some of the best in this thread,” the Libs of TikTok shared. You need to check out this thread for yourself because it is one of the most hilarious things that you are ever going to see.

The best part of the Geha clip is when she invokes her white privilege. You see, this white privilege functions as something of a superpower and if she does not use that superpower to rescue her students who are not white? The world will spin off its axis. This is the ridiculous white savior complex that many of these people are accursed with.

It exists as its own form of racism but no one tell any of them that. They believe that they are the chosen people who are supposed to be saving the non-white folks from the tyrannies of racism. If you take a closer look at what this woman has to say, you can see that she is every bit as divisive as the people she is claiming to fight back against. “We need to tear the systems down,” she claims.

Little does she know how right she is. Her system is the one that needs to be torn down and we are glad that the state of Iowa is standing up against these types of teachers. None of them are able to explain why they need to teach this garbage to children in the first place and that’s the worst part of all.

Instead of offering up a real explanation that might make some level of sense, they get defensive and they blame racists for all of the disagreement that they are experiencing. This is what happens when you are not willing to take any level of responsibility for your own actions. The “us vs. them” posturing has gotten out of hand.

The reality is much easier to wrap your mind around. There are people who do not want their children to be subjected to certain teachings and this does not make them racists. This is a terrible narrative that removes all nuance from the discussion and we are tired of it. Why can’t anyone express themselves anymore? It’s like free speech has fallen completely by the wayside, unless you are a liberal.

Teachers should be sticking to the curriculum at the moment and not using these opportunities to flex their woke muscles. That’s all this is when you really get down to it. It’s self-serving and it is not meant to help out “the children” at all. Someone needs to go ahead and give these liberals their cookie, so that they can stop arguing about these things on a daily basis. Leave us alone and find a new topic already!