This Has to Be Joke! Watch Chairman of Joint Chiefs Praise Marx and Lenin While Decrying “White Rage”


Biden’s administration regularly shows us how ridiculous they can be. Now, the leaders of his military are getting into the act and we have had enough. While they may believe that they are frightening our adversaries, they are also frightening a sizable number of Americans. Of course, this is being cheered on by the mainstream media.

We already know that the Biden administration can do no wrong in their eyes. Instead of making sure that our nation’s proud history remains front and center, they have decided that they are going to push critical race theory instead. These people have even gotten to the point where they are bragging about being avid readers of socialist texts. The great and wonderful Karl Marx is now being name-dropped regularly.

Matt Gaetz finally got the chance to grill Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin about these matters. Thanks to Austin’s crazed policies, the military is receiving all sorts of racist training. His insane advisers are allowing all of this to happen and this is Gaetz’ biggest problem. He is not alone in that assessment.

Representative Houlahan, a Democrat, was given the chance to speak with General Miley. Miley had attempted to intervene when Gaetz was in the process of grilling Lloyd Austin. Here’s what the general had to say once he had the chance to elaborate on his commentary about soldiers in the military needing to be well-read:

“I want to understand white rage, and I’m white, and I want to understand it. So what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America. What caused that? I want to find that out…I’ve read Mao Tse-Tung , I’ve read Karl Marz. I’ve read Lenin…”

The fact that one of our top military members believes in this nonsense is disconcerting. The Americans who were on hand for the protests at the Capitol building did not try to overturn our Constitution. They were merely expressing their discontent with the electoral process. Does anyone ever stop to think about the fact that President Trump is the one who was in real danger that day?

No, they do not. They have already hatched a clever narrative about Trump being the mastermind being all of this and they are not telling the whole truth. Troops should have been provided to keep the president protected when the protests were in the process of taking place. That’s not what happened at all.

Marx, Lenin and Mao are not appointment reading for any true patriots. These socialist tomes have absolutely no place in our society. Communism is slowly creeping in on American interests and this is something that we should all agree on. The Democrats do not care to put a stop to any of this, though.

Biden and his cronies are too interested in making sure that they are viewed as anti-Trump types. They do not realize that they need to worry about being pro-American. If our own citizens do not feel safe in their own country, where do we even go from here?

This is a question that needs to be asked of Biden and Harris. They are the ones who have created an environment where critical race theory teachings are gaining steam at a rapid pace. A president who had his finger on the pulse would be doing everything in his power to make sure that schools are not bullied into these types of teachings.

Biden is fundamentally altering the military and trying to turn into a progressive hit squad. Here’s a bit of advice for Sleepy Joe. Instead of being worried about winning the war of words on social media, it is time to get real. You wanted to unite the country, right? It’s time to stop sweeping the numerous conservative concerns about critical race theory under the rug once and for all.