The World’s Laughing After Nigeria Bans Twitter Over Rampant Ideological Censorship – Nigeria: Beacon of Freedom?


Nigeria’s decision to ban Twitter from the country was always sure to inspire commentary from one very loud former president. That’s right, it was Donald Trump’s time to shine. You just knew that he was going to have to weigh in on this and that is just fine with us, of course.

The Nigerian government is banning Twitter in their country and they are hoping that other nations are more than willing to follow suit. Trump is also hoping that other countries follow in their footsteps. We understand where he is coming from here totally. If he can’t use Twitter, why should anyone else?

All jokes aside, we highly doubt that his motivations for agreeing with the ban are as petty as the far left wants them to be. For those who are not aware at the moment, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari was suspended from the platform. He stands accused of engaging in “abusive behavior”.

Buhari sent out a warning to the “insurrectionists” who may be lurking in his country and that was all it took. Twitter has plugged the plug and they have not looked back. “Many of those misbehaving today are too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the Nigerian Civil War,” Buhari said in a tweet.

“Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand,” Buhari continued. As soon as the news came down, the Nigerian government moved to have Twitter taken away from the rest of the country. At the moment, their operations remain suspended.

Trump said that he agreed with the choice and wishes that he had taken similar steps when he was president. “Congratulations to the country of Nigeria, who just banned Twitter because they banned their President. More COUNTRIES should ban Twitter and Facebook for not allowing free and open speech—all voices should be heard,” he said.

This man may not be able to tweet anymore but he’s got the perfect insights. Maybe one day he will be able to finally return to the platform. That was not all that he had to say about the matter, either. It’s a very telling statement from a man who is accustomed to telling it like it is.

“In the meantime, competitors will emerge and take hold. Who are they to dictate good and evil if they themselves are evil? Perhaps I should have done it while I was President. But Zuckerberg kept calling me and coming to the White House for dinner telling me how great I was. 2024?” he continued.

These are the bread crumbs that he is going to leave behind until he is given the full go-ahead to make his return to power. If they make him have to win the presidency for the third time, the humiliation for the Democrats is going to be dire. They are probably better off letting him have his seat back now, without making him have to jump through any more additional hoops.

There are sure to be lots of jokes about this latest statement. We saw a lot of “Make Nigeria Great Again” on Twitter and Facebook but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Maybe Trump and Buhari can have a sit-down and talk about the unfair treatment that they have both received? We would definitely love to see that.

It’s just nice to see him preparing for a 2024 run, in all honesty. A lot of presidents would be deterred after having their rightful place stolen from him by a joker like Joe Biden. The pandemic was a terrible occurrence, no matter how it is sliced but for Joe Biden? It was a blessing in disguise. He never had to compete with Trump in the proper manner, which was a major boon. Campaigning is not exactly his strong suit, is it?