Pelosi’s Attack Against Conservatives! Video Shows Pelosi’s Henchmen Using Flash Grenades Against Peaceful Jan 6 Protesters


The far left loves to laugh and crack jokes about the events of January 6. Their favorite pastime is finding pleasure in any perceived suffering that conservatives experience. We have big shoulders and we can take the criticism but in this case?

It is sad to see. The same people who act like they care deeply about police brutality were fine with what has taken place here. Rubber bullets and flash grenades were fired at peaceful protesters. Isn’t that something that they are supposedly to be against?

We guess that these rules only apply when we are talking about what takes place at Black Lives Matter protests. If conservatives are subjected to this treatment, they do a complete 180. It now becomes funny and they will make all sorts of memes about the topic. This crowd was filled with children and seniors but they are never, ever going to tell that part of the story.

The protesters in question were not even attempting to breach the Capitol building. They were behind the proper barriers and they were not on the steps, as the mainstream media has tried to claim. The far left, on the other hand? They spent the best year smashing up designer clothing stores and car dealerships. If the right had done any of that on this fateful day, they would have been held accountable.

It’s almost like they are wishing for these people to have broken the law. The protesters were all packed together, trying to figure out their next move. Once the Democrats gave the go-ahead, the attack began. The Capitol Police started to fire, with no regard for life or limb.

American Greatness’ Julie Kelly released a video that is sure to bring the conflict into much clearer focus for those who apparently remain confused. The protesters on the west side of the Capitol building were targeted, in a very sad display of misplaced power. The American Greatness video is a sobering watch, for sure. Kash Kelly is prominently featured and his is a story worth telling.

The former gang member and founder of the Streetlights Unity Movement and Foundation was appalled by what he saw. He launched his group as a direct response to the Black Lives Matter movement. This crowd of brave patriots was treated like common criminals and this man is pointing out the inherent hypocrisy.

Another video has surfaced of the police firing on a crowd full of innocents, as the Gateway Pundit is here to make sure that the truth is being told. They are one of the few conservative news sources that has maintained the right mentality throughout the duration of this saga. When the mainstream media was quick to demonize the Trump supporters on hand that day, we knew better.

They will always say that the orange man and anyone who is associated with him is wrong, regardless of the facts that are being presented to them. Flash grenades, rubber bullets and other forms of weaponry that are best reserved for actual criminals were used to target an innocent crowd of Americans who were utilizing their inherent right to protest.

This is something that the far left should have empathy for but they do not. In their minds, they are the only ones who are persecuted and everyone else needs to be shamed for their actions. It’s sad and disgusting, to say the least. Where else did these Trump supporters have to go?

No one can answer that question. The government is declaring war on its own citizens, right in front of our very eyes. We are not expecting the mainstream media to touch this one with a ten foot pole. They are not about to risk it, for reasons that should be very obvious. These are the people who are responsible for crafting the narratives that have dominated the past year or so. When will enough be enough?