Oh What a Bumbling Idiot! Biden Admits His Staffers Are in Control


Joe Biden is a master of saying the quiet part out loud at this point. He does it constantly. This time, the entire world was treated to his endless expertise, as he got the chance to blather about nothing in front of a larger audience than usual. The G7 summit in England was the perfect opportunity for him to do just that.

The President of the United States openly admitted that he is not in control of his own staff. Once the press conference was opened up to reporters who wanted to ask questions, this is when things got really ugly. Biden said that he needed to follow the instructions of his staffers or he would get into trouble.

“I’m sorry, I’m going to get in trouble with staff if I don’t do this the right way,” he began. From there, he took a closer look at his notes, which were telling him that he needed to call on a specific reporter. Who is really in charge here? This is a question that is asked all too often these days and we understand why.

Biden does not seem to have any actual control over his staff. He’s just the figurehead to them. Biden should not be talking like this during press conferences on this side of the pond, as that is already embarrassing enough. Now, he is taking this show on the road. The rest of the world looks at America as if we are a sitting duck because of this nonsensical behavior.

He has no interest in projecting an aura of strength. Sleepy Joe thinks that this ‘aw shucks’ routine is going to endear him to people but there is no chance of that. He just makes himself look like a highly ineffectual leader. Of course, the press coverage does not reflect any of this. Joe is very good at the glad handling of reporters.

They are more than happy to overlook his clear flaws because it is more fun for them to play this game with him. The mean old orange man who refused to play nice during these summits is no longer here for them to kick around. Biden is unlike Trump in a lot of respects, especially when it comes to striking up friendships with foreign leaders.

He’s more worried about making sure that he can pal around with leaders from England, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Japan, wherever will have him. Why would you ever bring up anything that causes discomfort when you can make Boris Johnson feel like a hotshot for hitting on his wife? He’s a follower, not a leader.

If he can maintain the status quo, he will. That’s why they like him so much better than Trump. Trump is the type of president who wanted to shake things up. He was not looking to maintain the status quo in the same manner that Biden does. The press and the other foreign leaders are more than happy to follow his lead, though.

“President Biden and the Group of Seven leaders wrapped up their summit Sunday in Cornwall, England, adopting Biden’s vow to “build back better” and promising to end the coronavirus pandemic and combat climate change,” the Washington Post reports. They want Americans to believe that he accomplished something of value at this summit but anyone with half a brain can see that this simply is not true.

Biden was there to stroke his own ego and make sure that he followed his marching orders. It is the same thing that Barack Obama did once he got the chance to sit in the big chair. He traveled the world and went around apologizing for all of the things that Dubya had done before he arrived. Biden is now emulating this strategy but he does not realize how weak he is making America look in the process. No matter! At least the orange man is gone now…