Migrants are Literally Dying to Get into the U.S.


President Biden claims that he’s a humanitarian. It’s why the migrants are being allowed to enter the U.S. It’s also why so many illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. are being given work visas and the chance to become citizens.

Does he not realize that by allowing the migration crisis to continue, he’s allowing people to risk their lives to enter the country?

Each and every week, there are stories about how people have died on their trek to the U.S. They drown in the Rio Grande. They die of heat exertion in the desert. The reasons go on and on.

Just recently, the Yuma Sector Border Patrol has recovered two migrants that died due to the heat of the Arizona desert. They smuggled themselves across the border from Mexico.

It’s clear that one died this week while the other has been dead for at least two weeks.

People are dying to get into the U.S. And, yet, the Biden administration isn’t really doing anything. They’re only pretending to do something. And it’s leading to death as well as the destruction of the American economy.

Yuma Sector agents even received a call from Mexican officials. They received a 911 call about a group of migrants who became heat distressed while illegally crossing the southern border into southwest Arizona.

One of the females in the group had died from the heat after collapsing.

Imagine this. A group of migrants who entered the country illegally had to call 911.

How can we stop this from happening? How many people are we going to let die as they risk their lives to get into the United States?

Oh, well, the Biden administration can stop letting everyone in. Although Secretary Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to claim that the border is closed and no one is getting in, we all know that to be a lie. Anyone who’s been to the border can see that’s clearly not the case.

Counties in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are overwhelmed by the surge of migrants. And they’re continuing to enter the country in record-breaking numbers because Biden keeps promising them a pathway to citizenship. Many liberal states are even offering them stimulus checks.

We’re not even into the hottest months of the year. July and August are the hottest throughout the southern states. If we don’t put an end to the migration, there are going to be many others dying of heat distress.

As Chris T. Clem, the Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent has said, “the smugglers have no regard for human life.” This leaves the border patrol agents looking to not only mitigate entries but also rescue migrants who have risked their lives to enter the U.S.

Kamala Harris needs to get realistic about solving the border crisis. She wants to sit up in her office in DC claiming that she’s looking for the root cause.

The conditions in the migrants’ home countries are not so severe that they’d risk their lives to leave. Rather, the conditions being offered to migrants in the U.S. are so much better that they’d risk their lives.

How many people are the Biden administration willing to watch die before they step in and do something? Each and every day, hundreds if not thousands of people are risking their lives. Patrol agents are looking to prevent people from crossing the desert. With summer heat fast approaching, they’re going to need a lot more people to help with this task.

Over 100 migrants were rescued from the heat in May alone. Five bodies were recovered. Two are missing after being reported by family members.

As the body counts rise, the blood will be on Biden’s hands. He’s hardly the humanitarian he claims to be if he finds this to be acceptable. The simplest answer would be to keep building the wall and identify once and for all that the border is closed. It will send the message for people to turn around and stop risking their lives.